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Mar 7, 2008 05:06 AM

Group Cooking Party

We've invited another couple to come over for a group cooking dinner tomorrow night. I'm looking for ideas of what to cook. In the past we've done make-your-own pizzas and make-your-own omelets, as well as made gyoza together.

What is something else easy and fun that we could do together?

My husband and I are really into Asian food, but are open to anything. One member of the other couple doesn't like vegetables or anything too exotic.

Any suggestions?

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  1. How about a Mexican theme- like tacos or fajitas? could do chicken, shrimp or beef.
    And do a make your own sundae bar for a fun dessert!

    1. Ravioli or dumplings with sauces and cooks could custom fill to their liking?

      sounds like a fun time!

      1. There's always roll your own...
        You can have cooked ingredients for those who don't want raw fish. It's fun to make veggie rolls, too.

        1. Do it yourself panini? I've had Mexican tostada bars for groups that worked well.

          1. Is it still soup weather where you are? Maybe two different ones. A faux minestrone with limited veggies (or chopped large enough to be fished out), cheese tortellini and sausage, corn chowder with lots of potatoes and bacon, or an Asian favorite or yours to introduce them to those flavors. If the person eats pizza, would roasted tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches work?