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Group Cooking Party

We've invited another couple to come over for a group cooking dinner tomorrow night. I'm looking for ideas of what to cook. In the past we've done make-your-own pizzas and make-your-own omelets, as well as made gyoza together.

What is something else easy and fun that we could do together?

My husband and I are really into Asian food, but are open to anything. One member of the other couple doesn't like vegetables or anything too exotic.

Any suggestions?

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  1. How about a Mexican theme- like tacos or fajitas? could do chicken, shrimp or beef.
    And do a make your own sundae bar for a fun dessert!

    1. Ravioli or dumplings with sauces and cooks could custom fill to their liking?

      sounds like a fun time!

      1. There's always roll your own...
        You can have cooked ingredients for those who don't want raw fish. It's fun to make veggie rolls, too.

        1. Do it yourself panini? I've had Mexican tostada bars for groups that worked well.

          1. Is it still soup weather where you are? Maybe two different ones. A faux minestrone with limited veggies (or chopped large enough to be fished out), cheese tortellini and sausage, corn chowder with lots of potatoes and bacon, or an Asian favorite or yours to introduce them to those flavors. If the person eats pizza, would roasted tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches work?

            1. Most anything you regularly make can be made into a cooking party. My friends usually join in the cooking fun when they come for dinner. One of my favorites is Mexican, as others have suggested. I have also done fill your own ravioli. If you like Asian, than create a great stir-fry together. You can make up sauces before-hand or use jarred sauces, but do all the chopping, dicing and cooking together. Do one meat/poultry-based dish and one mixed veggie stir-fry. So people can choose what they want.

              You can use a "Ready Rice" like Uncle Ben's as a quick side - I like the brown rice.

              1. How about a Mongolian hotpot or shabu shabu (along the same ideas)? You can add what you want so it accomodates everyone.


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                  make your own crepes. I like to put out several kinds of cheese and a few fillings and we use our electic grill and it's a lot of fun.

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                    Hi! I am so very interested to see your comment about using an electric grill for crepes. I have often wanted to try this method if you are doing what I was imagining.... are you using the electric griddle like for pancakes? If so, are you able to spread the crepe batter thin enough on the electric griddle for a proper crepe? Thank you so much - appreciate any feedback/instructions you may have for me!

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                      yes just like for pancakes and I just spead it very thin. I was recently in Paris and I did buy a little wood crepe spreader and it works great. I think you can get them at most cooking stores on on the internet. I also have had great luck with the crepe recipe from the French Laundry cook book. I also think chilling the batter really makes a difference.

                2. we've had people over for vietnamese salad rolls...they're great because you can put just about any kind of meat or veggie in them and it will taste great...your non-vegetable loving friend can make his rolls w/ just meat and noodles...

                  we like to have a huge platter of lettuces, cilantro sprigs, green onions, sliced red bell peppers, bean sprouts, mango pieces and thinly sliced jalapenos. and another platter w/ cooked shrimp, pork belly, and bulgogi beef. then another platter w/ noodles. give everyone a large bowl of water, a plate and some instructions...

                  you could also make the dipping sauces together...we usually have a peanut sauce and a sweet chili sauce.

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                    I did that once too. Great fun.

                    Another thing you could do is okonomiyak (Japanese cabbage pancakes) or yaki-soba.

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                      Hi -- I love Tyler Florence's recipe for summer rolls. Easily adaptable for a party!

                    2. I'd add to this list of great ideas, Potato Gnocchi.