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Mar 7, 2008 04:49 AM

Help with somewhere to eat after BWI Pick-up

I am picking up my 22 year old son this evening at BWI and looking for somewhere to eat on the way back to PA. I will be traveling up I 95. Doesn't need to be fancy, Good American, Italian, Micro Brewery, something like that. I don't mind going a little bit off the Interstate. Sorry for the short notice but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Canton and Federal Hill are easily accessed from 95. You'd have a ton of choices in Federal Hill but it will be mobbed with people. For convenience try Jack's Bistro in Canton. It's not in the square so parking shouldn't be too bad. They've got a good mix of upscale bar food and dinner entrees. My wife loves the burger, but my favorite is the Duck Confit.

    Jack's Bistro
    3123 Elliott St
    Baltimore, MD 21224

    1. No brainer. Go to G&M and get the crab cake platter. It's nothing fancy there, and you might get called "hon", but it's all a part of the experience. Regardless, these are some of the best crab cakes, bar none. Not a lot of filler, HUGE chunks of lump crab. Enjoy!

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        I absolutely can't stand G&M. I've said so repeatedly in the past and don't feel the need to reiterate, except that Baltimore City Paper ran a crab cake round-up in this week's issue and confirmed that they are using the awful imported crab meat, which has none of the flavor and sweetness of domestic crab.

        The thing is huge -- at 9 1/4 oz it was the biggest of those reviewed, but a huge cake of lousy crab meat isn't a bargain at any price. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, esp. an out of towner who will leave wondering why we make such a fuss about crabcakes. It's a huge, doughy, inedible mess.

        1. re: JonParker

          People either love or hate G&M's crab cakes. But guess what - just about everybody uses imported crab meat, no matter what they tell you. I kinda like the G&M version. It is a dump, though.

          1. re: foodcheck

            Not everybody uses the Asian crab meat, although too many places do. Whether they tell me the truth or not, I can still tell.

            I don't know whether the Asian crab meat has inferior flavor because of the different species of crab or if it's because it almost always arrives here pasteurized rather than fresh.

            1. re: Hal Laurent

              Well, the Sun did a series last year on the Phillips operation in Indonesia and the locals said they generally do not eat the "blue swimming crab" so there's your answer..

              1. re: ko1

                Well, that's not necessarily an answer. I've heard that the natives in North Carolina (where a lot of the blue crabs served in Baltimore come from) don't appreciate the crabs much at all, thinking of them more as bait. And lots of soft shell clams get harvested in Maryland, but they get shipped to New England 'cause they're considered trash seafood here.

                Local tastes are not a predictable thing.

                1. re: Hal Laurent

                  Upon reflection, a good point with a couple of good examples (although I believe Carolina is where she-crab soup originated).

            2. re: foodcheck

              I did here that G&M uses Asian and Pasturized crab meat. I tried G&M and the crab cake was fluffed up with egg and just nasty. If you dont have any clue about MD crab cakes then you might be impressed especially b/c they are big.

          2. re: bragger211

            The last time I had a crab cake from G+M it was full of filler, overcooked, and plain disgusting. It had so much filler that after being broiled it looked like a POTPIE instead of a crab cake. I literally had to crack it open. Ugh

          3. Went to Jack's Bistro. Great recommendation. Food was well prepared. What a burger and Aventinus on tap. Good call.