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Mar 7, 2008 04:24 AM

downtown cleveland good food. near the Q? Euclid?

looking for good resturaunts downtown. Any price from cheap to expensive. Will be in town weekend of the 14th March. Thanks

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    1. Where are you from? You might find that it's surprisingly easy to go long distances in Cleveland.

      In the downtown *area* (but maybe not *technically* downtown) I would recommend Bar Cento. It's between cheap and expensive but closer to cheap. It's an Italian wine bar. Very simple food but it's delicious. Pizza. They also have a small selection of pub style food to compliment the extensive list of beers that they can offer in partnership with their neighbor, McNulty's Bier Markt. McNulty's may specialize in Belgian beers but I assume they have a diverse selection. Bar Cento is 1.5 miles West of the center of the city.

      Siam Cafe has great Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. The menu is huge so not everything is a winner but you could eat every meal there for your entire trip and be amazed at every meal. I've recommended specific dishes in past threads. Siam Cafe is 2 miles East of the center of the city.

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        Thanks so far folks. Appreciate the help

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          across the street from siam cafe is bo loong, which would be my pick for weekend dim sum. i've been a couple of times over the past year and a half, and it's been quite good. also on st clair is slyman's, which is famous (and rightly so) for corned beef. if you're in town on friday before 2:30pm (when they close for the weekend), then grabbing a sandwich there would be a great cleveland lunch experience.

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            If you hop across the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge (it's Carnegie on the East Side -- near the Q -- and becomes Lorain on the West Side) you'll get to West 25th Street where Bar Cento is, and I agree, it's a nice place. The neighborhood is known as Ohio City. Also in that vicinity are the following: Light Bisto and Flying Fig (both with awesome food); Momocho (very upscale Mexican) and Phnom Penh (Cambodian -- yum!!).

          2. Lola is downtown, Flying Fig is in Ohio City. Two other great choices in Ohio City are Momocho (nuevo latino) and Light Bistro (small plates). If you dine anywhere near Ohio City, and want a special cocktail experience, try the Velvet Tango Room.

            1. All walking distance:

              Saigon-Moderate Vietnemese. 216-344-2020
              Location: 2061 East 4th Street

              Wonder Bar-cocktails and small plates -inexp (happy hour) to Moderate. same block as Saigon

              Market Cafe

              Alladin's Bakery (open only til about 6pm-carry out-excellent)

              expensive: Crop, Lola

              off all these Wonder Bar can be hit or miss

              1. Be prepared for post-apocalyptic wasteland but yes there are a few places to eat as mentioned above. It is cool in a Mad Max meets Beaver Cleaver on acid kind of way.

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