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Mar 7, 2008 03:24 AM

Dutch Pot Cafe

After reading the other thread, I stopped in is right across the street from where I exit the garage. The place was spotlessly clean and the man behind the counter was very nice. I told him I heard about the place on a website and he nodded and smiled! I was in a rush so just ordered 2 Jamaican meat patties and a bottle of water. They were yummy! They were nicely flavored, but not at all spicy (which I should have asked about and did not). Got them home (they traveled well) and added some Siracha, and they were delicious! I asked him about the Jerk chicken and curry goat (an old fave from Jamaica vacations) and he said they were good...I will definitely go again!

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  1. Where is this place again?

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      It's on Clay street, just a couple of blocks south of Lexington Market. I need to try it too.

    2. Do they make their own patties? Every Jamaican place in town that I know of buys them from the same distributor (Island?). They're pretty good though.

      1. I had lunch from there Saturday, I just wanted the small Jerk Chicken but the guy talked me into the medium. The jerk chicken was tasty and very moist but tasted almost like the jerk marinade paste I buy made by Grace, I get it from the Shoppers Food ethnic foods aisle, good stuff, the hot is very hot. I am not saying they use that, it was just very similar. The rice and peas were pretty bland, the "steamed vegetables" that came with it was really just buttered cabbage. I would probably try it again, maybe something curried next time, I just wasn't floored by it.

        1. My son and I ate here saturday. I had the jerk chicken. My son had the oxtails. We were very satisfied. We especially loved the oxtails. The service was great also.