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Mar 6, 2008 10:39 PM

Grammercy Tavern or Gotham Bar and Grill

I am looking for both food quality and atmosphere. I hear that you can eat reasonably for lunch at Gotham Prix fix lunch or at the Tavern part of Grammercy. Which would be a better splurge for my adult daughter in terms of food, fun and ambience . Have not been to either. Thanks

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  1. Even at the main dining room of Gramercy Tavern, the lunch isn't that expensive at all. I will pick Gramercy Tavern over Gotham. The food at GT is more interesting IMO. Gotham also serves good food, but it is a bit uninspiring.

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      I think I will take your advice Kobe because I really want to eat later than a lunch. I think the Grammercy menu sounds delish

    2. I had lunch last week at Gramercy Tavern with a friend. We both did the winter tasting menu which you can find on their website. It is only$55. Lunch was lovely and you can substitute the dessert course for a cheese plate, choice of three.