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Mar 6, 2008 08:08 PM

A Good Ol' Soda Fountain for a Good Ol' Banana Split

Does anyone know of a traditional (or at least traditional-ish) place in Manhattan where you can get good ice cream sundaes, floats and banana splits? I enjoy Serendipity once in a while but it's a little too gimmicky for me (and please, $20 for a banana split? Really?). I'm looking for something a little more straightforward like the ones you can find on Montauk Highway or any good ol' American Main Street--pull up to the bar and get your ice cream.

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  1. Unfortunately, not a lot of these in NYC. My favorite for sundaes is Shake Shack, but it's made with soft frozen custard, not hard ice cream.

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    1. re: Lucia

      I know, it seems like I may be on a fruitless quest!
      Have you ever tried Big Daddy's on Park Ave?

      1. re: soleilnyc

        No, I haven't--just the tater tots once at a street fair. They have good sundaes on the dessert menu at The Smith, but they're specialized combos not create your own. There's always Ben & Jerry's too... Let me know if you try Big Daddy's Diner or anywhere else. I love a good sundae.

    2. if you are ever in Queens (Forest Hills) go to Eddies Sweet shop GREAT ICE CREAM anyway. They are located on Metroplitan Ave across from the Cinemart theater.

      1. not in manhattan, but in the BK they just opened up a new soda shop called old brooklyn parlor in the old style of ice cream parlors. it's on vanderbilt between bergen and dean in prospect heights.

        1. while my suggestion is not in an old fashioned environment, or even a classic american joint, it does offer an outstanding banana split. blue ribbon brasserie on sullivan has a supremely delicious banana split. it's 10 bucks and worth every penny. seriously. i know it sounds retarded to go to blue ribbon just for a banana split but its so yummy its retarded.

          i also second shake shacks version. its not as traditional as blue ribbons as its made with soft ice cream but its still dang good!

          1. Soleilnyc, its not in Manhattan, but Anapoli in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is just what the doctor ordered. Neither gimmick nor faded throwback, this place is the real deal.

            Please try it, you'll be glad you did. 3rd Ave in the low 70s/high 60s