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Mar 6, 2008 07:57 PM

Pizza (Las Vegas)

Any good pizza to bring back to hotel Any good pizza places

Gourmet Pizza'a That is resonable priced I will be in Las Vegas April 1 to April 9th

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  1. when you say "bring back " ...are you at a convention ? biz meetings ? have a car ? i assume you are on the strip ...yes ? a little more detail and i can give you some suggestions ... but if you are a serious pizza eater - there are 2 places i highly recommend - both on the east side / henderson area ( so a 15-30 minute drive from the strip ) patsy grimaldi's on eastern - coal oven pizza ...awesome !! settebello's henderson ( i think it's on horizon ridge ) the pizza prep meets some sort of napoli pizza code's good stuff !! that being said. more details and i can probably help more.

    happy eating !

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      I went to Settebello's on my last trip and consider the pizza outstanding. I haven't been to Pasty Grimaldi's in Las Vegas, but I much prefer Settebello's to the Patsy Grimaldi's in New York.

      I ordered the Diavalo pizza that included crushed tomatoes and crushed red peppers, and the crust in the middle of the pizza got soggy, Next time, it's a margherita with fresh garlic for me.

      One other thing about Setebello's. I ordered the insalata and the perfection of the greens and the quality of the oil and vinegar were undeniable. Plain as it was, with just a little shaved parmigiana, it was one of the best salads I've ever eaten in Las Vegas.

      I consider it a great use of my time to drive to Henderson for this pizza and salad.

      1. re: kjs

        Hey kjs,

        I'll help the food man out . . . he's staying just west of the strip . . . Specifiically he'll be at the Palace Station located at Rancho and Sahara and they will have a car....

        Thanks for your help,


        1. re: snackboy

          on the westside - metro pizza is on flamingo / decatur - good "basic" pizza ( i am an italian sausage fan - metro has a chicago thin crust pizza called triple play...good stuff ! ) ....on sahara - sammy's wood-fired pizza...about 2-3 miles west of the palace - it's ok ..i prefer metro more . you have nora's on flamingo between flamingo and jones...i've seen it, never tried looks good...nora's has decent pasta dishes ...rocco's is on buffalo ...i believe near charleston - again - have not had the pizza but the other italian dishes i've eaten are very good and they appear to sell alot of pizza. depending on the time of day you are definitely looking at 30 monutes for patsy's and settebelo's ...if you are a pizza gotta go to both !!

          1. re: kjs

            Thanks, kjs,

            He and I will keep them in mind....maybe on the way to hoover we'll stop in to the spots in henderson

            If you have any more recs for the foodman it would be much appreciate . . . he's there for a week and likes casual eats and likes all types of foods...

            Thanks again,


            P.S. are there any good sushi places on the west side...

            1. re: snackboy

              if doing hoover , it's worth a stop ...i make it out to henderson 1 /month to visit my sis and take her and the family to dinner - there are some nice places to hit in the area.

              as to sushi on the westside - 3 options i would consider - maybe 4 - sen of japan ( desert inn near ....gee it's been awhile ...maybe buffalo ), up the street from palace - osaka ( on sahara ) for all you can eat options - makino ( lunch/dinner ) decatur/flamingo - i prefer dinner since they have crab legs and sashimi and a decent selection of sushi, hot foods and an ok dessert selection ( about $25/ person ) . another japanese place i like is ichiza on spring mtn - but for the hot food, not the sushi and dinner, not lunch gets busy. speaking of spring mtn there's a large selection of asian restaurants ( primarily chinese, but also thai, vietnamese and others ) you can eat very well for under $25/person. philly steak - pops on decatur north of sahara, hot dogs - sammy's decatur and flamingo. deli sammies...capriotti's - sahara - a mile east of palace ( just before the strip ) hamburgers - in and out ...gotta be one near you ...i eat at the trop and deam martin location....for some irish / fish n chips - mcmullen's - trop across the street from orleans ...and you are within 1-2 miles of a huge breakfast selection - omelet house, original pancake house, blueberry hill, hash house, hash house a go-go, a little farther maple tree diner, big bear diner ...i like them all !!! whew !!! ok...i'm tired typing !! specific cuisine questions from now on !!