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Mar 6, 2008 07:54 PM

Light and airy restaurant "not over the top"

We would like to have my daugther's wedding in a light and airy (her words) restaurant where we can have a cocktail hour, then an exchange of vows (no fanfare - just a judge). It is scheduled for mid-June, she says definitley NOTHING over the top especially in price. She wants it to be more than casual but not formal or too dressy. I am going crazy trying to find the right place in such a short space of time. Dinner would be for about 25 people. I would love to go Italian but am not married (no pun intended) to that idea. She doesn't really want to be relegated to back private room. Any ideas?
thanks - jiminycricket

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  1. Try calling 5 Ninth, over in the Meat Packing. It has a nice open air space which I think would be great for your dinner. They're nice and friendly, and the food ain't bad either. :) -- hope this helps!

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      I recommend Fig and Olive in the Meatpacking District. A delightful setting for your wedding and crisp, light Italian food.

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        Thanks, I had been reading other posts that mentioned Fig & Olive for special occastions and was totally unaware that they had a second location. I have eaten at the Lexington Ave spot and always enjoyed the food, but knew it was too smail for this event. Thanks a lot. Am callling them today too.

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        Thanks I went on their website and am calling them today.

      3. What about that place over on Irving called The House or something like that? Maybe it's called The Carriage House. I've heard it's beautiful in there and I know they have a private room that should be able to accomodate 25 without feeling like you're bouncing around inside a giant cave.

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          Fig & Olive sounds so perfect for her.

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            Thanks, yet another vote for Fig & Olive. My daughter is calling them and she has been in contact with 5th on Ninth and loves the photos but they might be booked. We are also looking into Terrace in the Sky, any thoughts?
            Thanks in advance