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Mar 6, 2008 07:49 PM

Allgood Cafe - Just Alright

Took the family there last week and wasn't that impressed. Started w/ chips n' salsa - not too impressive. It was a tomatillo based sauce that was too thin and lacked depth of flavor. Followed that up with a club sammie. They served more chips (not giving me an option even though I already had a basket at the table) and a timble of bad cole slaw. The sandwich was pretty good though and a reasonable value for the price as well. The bread was fresh and had a perfect toast. I ordered a grilled cheese for my 3 y.o. While it was a fairly good grilled cheese, it was not worthy of its $6.99 price for a kid's item. Lastly, instead of a fountain beverage they serve canned drinks. I realize some folks like cans, but the whole pay for your refills isn't a great touch. Most likely we will not be back.

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