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Mar 6, 2008 07:22 PM

Laurel Street Bakery?

I drove by this place the other day and hadn't seen it before since I usually take Magazine. Does anyone have any opinions or reviews on this place? Would it be a good place for a morning coffee and muffin on a lazy weekend morning?

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  1. Yes it would be, I stopped there the other day, they have about 10 different kinds of muffins, a few breakfast sandwiches, and I even saw cupcakes! The coffee was pretty good .

    1. We went there two weeks ago and it was pretty disappointing. The coffee was weak and the quiche was pretty much horrible. If I recall correctly, my girlfriend's scone was bad too. We were hoping to find a jewel of a coffee place but will not be going back.

      1. It's a nice little spot. They make their own stuff, breads and pastries. Just don't be overly the gourmand, and go in and enjoy it. but it's nothing fancy or extraordinary, which is kind of nice in its own way.

        1. Average. It seems like they're out of something every time I go in there.

          1. It's a great place! All of the baked goods are terrific and made in house.

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              The baking is indeed done in house. As for terrific? Suffice it to say, they try real hard.