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Mar 6, 2008 05:27 PM

Suggestions for a good date place?

i've done some searching of previous threads, and the frontrunner thus far is fig & olive...but i was wondering if anyone has other suggestions.

looking for: sexy vibe, conducive to conversation [maybe cozy, lounge-y seating], good selection of wines by the glass, and decent food. one is traveling in from LI, so prefer recs that aren't buried in the depths of downtown...although if a place is a real find i'd love to know about it for future reference.

oh, and it'll be a wednesday evening.


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  1. this is more of a post-dinner bar date place... but I just went to angel share last week.

    my gawd. it's so romantic, you'd want to take off your pants even if you're not into your date. it gets a little busy though, we had to wait about 10-20 minutes (totally worth it).

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      I like the choice of your frontrunner Fig & Olive. I can add nothing to a perfect choice.

    2. Mermaid Inn, though that's a little downtown..great neighborhood though

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        Degustation. Totally romantic and unique. Bar seating , not so cozy as a lounge- but it's very conducive to intimate conversation. Great food too.

      2. I was in NY in August and my date took me to a fabulous little restaurant near the finance district in Manhattan - Acappellas. I'd suggest reservations. It was on the high end for price, but it was fabulous. The restaurant is dark, with most of the light coming from candles. For a quiet and peaceful evening, the ambience is perfect. After the meal they serve a homemade blueberry moonshine. (don't eat the berries, they are like the worm....)

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