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Mar 6, 2008 04:54 PM

Pasadena/Eagle Rock Vegetarian-Friendly Dining?

Any suggestions that would appeal to an organically inclined vegetarian but also a traditional meat eater???

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  1. All India Cafe in Old Town Pasadena has both vegetarian and meat dishes. There are several other Indian restaurants in Old Town that probably have both vegetarian and meat dishes. Thai would be another way to go. Lots of people like Saladang on Fair Oaks Ave.

    1. Cafe Bizou has vegetarian friendly options, and many for the meat eater as well. dont forget the low corkage fee!

      1. The Taco Spot in Eagle Rock had a lot of Veggi Options and is kinda healthy. You can get tofu or carne asada in your burrito. The Blue Hen in Eagle Rock specializes in organic veggis and Chicken but also good tofu options. Fatty's in Eagle Rock is vegetarian but I wouldn't rec it as the service is soso and the excecution of the dishes could use a little work.

        1. thanks for all the suggestions!

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          1. I can second the recommendation for All India Cafe in Old Town. Awesome vegetarian options, and if you get the Thali plate, you get to CHOOSE the two vegetarian dishes you want, which I've found to be a rarity. Also, vegetarian korma is not on the menu, but they've also made it for me every time I've been in there. Be sure to give the Old Monk 10,000 or Yeti beer a try. (Comes in a 750ml bottle).