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Oregon Coast Fish & Chips/Oysters

VT Eater Mar 6, 2008 04:50 PM

I've read some older threads on this subject...but would like to reopen for debate. Am looking for the 'ultimate' fish and chips on the coast between Yachats and Nehalem. Also best places for oysters. No need for ambiance - just the chow. Will be there in April for a few days.

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  1. j
    Janer RE: VT Eater Mar 6, 2008 06:47 PM

    You might check out the Waldport Seafood Company.

    But if you have the time to venture 20 or so more miles north of Nehalem, Ecola Seafood in Cannon Beach would be my top pick.

    Both of these are seafood markets that also do chowder, fish & chips, etc. Definitely no ambiance - but good stuff.

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    1. re: Janer
      HungWeiLo RE: Janer May 14, 2008 08:49 AM

      "Ecola Seafood"...what a terrible name for a restaurant... :-)

      Thanks for the useful info. I haven't been to the coast in years and needed this information.

    2. JillO RE: VT Eater Mar 7, 2008 05:55 AM

      For oyster stew, oyster burgers and even on the half shell, try Pacific Oyster in Bay City. It's on the pier on the other side of the tracks from 101...look for the huge pile of oyster shells ;o) You can even watch professional shuckers in action.


      Some pics here: http://www.roadfood.com/Reviews/Overv...

      Also Local Ocean on the bayfront in Newport has great fried oysters and other great seafood items: http://www.localocean.net/

      1. a
        AlbertaHound RE: VT Eater Mar 7, 2008 06:34 AM

        The two places I can think of would be the fish market on main street in Manzanita and Pelican Bay Brewpub in Pacific City.

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        1. re: AlbertaHound
          JillO RE: AlbertaHound Mar 7, 2008 02:38 PM

          Ecola Seafood? I thought of that one too, but it is north of Nehalem. I like it too, though. ;o)

        2. j
          Jbart1016 RE: VT Eater Mar 7, 2008 09:59 AM

          VT - if it's just about the "fish" you should try the Lighthouse Deli just S. of Newport. Follow this link for a more thorough review:


          The fish is definitely the star here, the chips are just okay.

          Let us know where you go and what you thought of it when you can.


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          1. re: Jbart1016
            VT Eater RE: Jbart1016 Mar 7, 2008 01:03 PM

            Thanks all - will for sure check these out and give a full report!

            1. re: Jbart1016
              ericlutzker RE: Jbart1016 Mar 10, 2008 01:19 PM

              i concur. don't miss the lighthouse deli, for fish and chips and oysters and everything else. i guess now it's called the south beach fish market(?), but in any event you can't miss it on the ocean side of 101. big crab cookers out front.

            2. g
              girlwonder88 RE: VT Eater Mar 7, 2008 09:16 PM

              Mmmm I have to say the best fish and chips are at The Chowder Bowl in Nye Beach in Newport. Just faboulous! Not fancy, but great service last time I was there.

              1. s
                skmaoz RE: VT Eater Mar 13, 2008 06:03 AM

                Drive to Lincoln City and just to eat at Shuckers. Its a local tav with exemplary food. The husband and I drive from Central WA just to enjoy their fresh seafood. We stumbled on it when we couldnt get a seat at a high end recommended eatery. Best miss we ever fell into. Fresh oyster shooters, the way they should be; and incomparable, fresh fresh fresh everything else. Shuckers...........

                1. s
                  Sushiqueen36 RE: VT Eater Mar 23, 2008 09:30 AM

                  Sorry to revive an older post but my personal fish and chips fave is Rogue Brewery's version. They're in Newport on the bayfront as well as across the bay in the brewery. They use dill in their batter as well as (of course) their beer.

                  1. d
                    duck833 RE: VT Eater Mar 23, 2008 10:35 AM

                    Actually, come to Newman's in Eugene. Two outlets. I have their oysters and chips and shrimp and chips for lunch on Saturday, excellent. Plus the oysters were $6 and shrimp $6.50.

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                    1. re: duck833
                      ladybugmom RE: duck833 May 15, 2008 07:30 PM

                      Thanks for the flashback, duck833. We lived in Eugene for 12 years and SOOOO miss our weekend Newman's jaunt. Remembering the clams and chips fondly. ;-)

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