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Mar 6, 2008 04:20 PM

Columbia, SC girl's night?

I'm hosting a bachelorette party in two weeks and am looking for a good girls night out restaurant in Columbia. Any ideas?

Right now, I have reservations at the Melting Pot - I figured it'd be a fun group meal... and chocolate and cheese...

BUT - are there any other really unique or fun places around... any Columbia secrets? Thanks!

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  1. Melting Pot is fun, but it makes for a long dinner if you have plans afterwards. Just my .02.

    1. Are they going to have a big enough table? Tapas might be fun - Gervais & Vine

      1. I agree. Gervais and Vine. I eat there one or twice a month and it would be great place to have that kind get together. They do have a back maybe you could have your own area. I this a group of women would really like this place. I take female clients there often as I can. I have always had good food.

        1. I'm gonna have to through in with the Gervais and Vine rec. I was in recently and there was a group of about 25 folks having a birthday party. Service appeared to be swift and attentive for the group. The food is very good too. Lots of wine choices by the glass.

          1. Aww - the Gervais & Vine place looks fun, but I called and they said they don't accept reservations... and that Saturday evenings, they're really busy. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable showing up with a group of 9 and just hoping for the best... would we ever get a table?