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Mar 6, 2008 04:02 PM

Proposing in NYC!

Hi All

I am taking my girlfriend to NYC for St Patrick's day and Easter and plan to propose!
I have the ring all sorted but need some help picking a nice restaurant...

I have some family coming from NC to meet with us but they will only be in NY for 2 days and would be annoyed if I didn't do it while they were there to celebrate with us, so at the minute the plan is dinner for 6 on sat 15th - probably Italian.

I am after a nice place with good food that's not too expensive, not too busy or noisy where we can really enjoy the meal and the moment. I was thinking of having the waitress/waiter bring the ring out with the desserts so it needs to be somewhere where I could arrange something like this! I have read a few reviews on line and Lupa and River Cafe sound nice but maybe a little pricy after drinks are added in.

All ideas welcome
Alternative proposal ideas also very much appreciated!! :-)


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Honestly I think Giorgio's may fit the bill if you want someplace nice but not pricey with excellent food. and a romantic decor.

      1. I like Lupa a whole lot, but it's fairly noisy and usually busy and the table ar emore or less on top of each other.

        How about Perry Street? They have a 3 course lunch that's $24 with wines by the glass for $5, and a couple of bottles that are $20 each. So with the Euro on your side, that's like practically free! It's on the Hudson River. The table are fairly well spaced and the space is lovely in a minimalist kind of way. The food is fantastic. There's loads of posts on this board. Congrats and best of luck!

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          Yeah euro to dollar is great at the minute!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I want to add a vote to this idea - I don't think proposing in front of the parents is a great idea. It's one of the most personal moments you guys are going to share, and I'm sure she'll want to prepare herself to tell her parents anyway.

            As for Italian, where are you staying? There are a lot of great options depending on the neighborhood. Off-hand I'll recommend Il Buco (in NoHo), one of my favorites and very, very romantic, but a bit on the expensive side. In Midtown, how about Insieme?

            1. re: cjd260

              Sorry, but I have to disagree. My DH proposed in front of my teenagers- he put the ring in a mussel. Now everytime I eat mussels, I look for the matching earrings. I vote family.
              Whatever restaurant you pick should be one that you can see yourself coming back to time and time again.
              The place my DH picked was not fancy. But it certainly was memorable.

              1. re: carfreeinla

                I have to say, as soon as I posted the above, my fiancee told me she disagreed with me as well. So, I stand corrected.

                But I still stand behind Il Buco!

          2. Folks - please do post with restaurant suggestions, but discussions about whether or not to propose in a restaurant are off topic for this board. There's been a recent lengthy discussion of that subject on the NAF board, for those who wish to discuss it.

            Thanks for helping us keep this board the focused resource that it is!