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Mar 6, 2008 03:56 PM

Williamsburg [Moved from DC/Baltimore Area board]

Boyfriend and I are going this weekend. We're planning on mostly being in the colonial district but were not staying in it and we have a car. I'm not fond of seafood but eat everything else. Any price range considered,....

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  1. Kind of out of far out so maybe it would be good for a drive home type of place or drive down is Pierce's BBQ, it is kind of legendary. It is off the interstate right before you get to Williamsburg, I forget the exit, but they have a website.

    Also you might want to post this on the south board as this is their territory.

    1. There are several strings on this board about Williamsburg that are worth searching. Though a quick recap, Pierce's is a must (off Rt. 199 on your way into or out of town.) In town, two of the colonial restaurants are worthwhile (Kings Arms and Christiana Cambells), while the food's not necessarily chowhound worthy, it's a special experience if you're "doing" W'burg. In Merchant's Square are three chowworthy places, in decreasing order of fancy: Fat Canary (dinner only), The Trellis, Blue Talon Bistro. The latter two are great for brunch also. If it's a nice day, sitting outside at the Trellis is wonderful. My favorite bar/restaurant is just outside of the colonial area, called Whitehall. Has a fabulous lounge with big couches where you can hang all night and forget what time it is, and is an impressive European restaurant with adjacent dining room.

      1. If you really want a date night to remember, see if you can get spots at "A Chef's Kitchen." It's a cooking class/5 course meal all in one. My SO gave me a night there as a Christmas present and we both had a great time.

        From what I hear, spots fill up quickly so this may be an idea for your next trip down. If you like gourmet foods: cheese, wine, etc. The Cheese Shop is a good place to grab a quick lunch. We actually opted for a their blue cheese of the day with some of their artisan bread and fruit for lunch but their sandwiches looked delicious and there were a lot of fun products to buy as well.

        1. Went like 4-5 yrs ago, had dinner at a place called the Plantation. It was small and rustic but the food was good. who know's if its still operational. There was a nice little place called "Channel Marker 9" or something along those lines, it was good little local place with a nice vibe. Who know's if this will help you out

          1. I just went with my boyfriend and we had the MOST amazing dinner at The Fat Canary. EVERYTHING was to die for. Not cheap but worth every penny. Do report back if you go!