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Mar 6, 2008 03:34 PM

Best over the top brunch in Westchester/CT?

My father-in-law is turning 60 and as part of his celebration I'd like to take him to an over-the-top brunch in the Westchester/Southwestern Connecticut area. Ideally it would be like a Four Seasons or Waldorf brunch, prix-fixe, loads of food (sushi, lamb, etc.). If there aren't any options like this, what else would you recommend? Many thanks!

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  1. X20 in Yonkers, or if you want to venture to Rockland, Restaurant X.

    1. the most over the top brunch I ever had was at Restaurant X in Rockland. Its amazing, wiaters serve you on silver plates over 20 courses including lamb, fish with unlimited mimosas and champagne

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        1. re: corky

          Restaurant X was outSTANDing, in all ways. I liked X better than X20.

          comidaqueen, it's also been written here that Winfields in Greenwich is very very good.

        2. re: mfenimore

          WOW. silver plates, 20 courses, LAMB?

          If anyone likes the idea of a huge vast brunch but without THAT much fanciness, and at only about $20-25, I would recommend Sunset Cove in Tarrytown. It's huge, it's buffet style, it includes everything from lox-bagels-capers to eggs-sausage to roast chicken-gnocci-stuffedsole (and muffins, and cakes, and fresh fruit) - and it's cheaper than x or x20 I would imagine. But you MUST call ahead - they sometimes close for private parties, and note that when you call, if they're NOT closed they'll probably treat you like an idiot for calling - and you can bet that the only reason I put up with that kind of crap is that the food is that good! (PS not impressed with their dinner)

          1. re: Laurie914

            Laurie914, we've had group parties at Sunset Cove for years. The view is amazing, but imo the food is not outstanding. It is good, almost very good, but the food at Restaurant X is outstanding. Amazing even.

            The price is only $38., so in comparison for the food given, it is a better bargain. The service is at table, the courses are 18, and yes, there is rack of lamb AND unlimited mimosas.

            I didn't get a fancy vibe, and I am always aware of a fancy uncomfortable vibe.

            But I do have to agree on one point -- the group we brought to Sunset Cove would NOT have done well at Restaurant X!

            1. re: dolores

              That's kind of my point. I posted it for anyone reading this thread who might not be up for the level of Restaurant X, but might still appreciate knowing an "almost very good" option exists. In turn, thanks for the Restaurant X and X20 info!

        3. If the other options aren't convenient for you, the Greenwich Hyatt has a nice buffet brunch. I can't remember if there was anything like sushi and lamb, but there were a good number of food options. I'm not sure if it's quite as high-end as you're looking for, but it's not cheap.

          1. rest x, and x2o are great, so is montverde in cortlandt manor

            1. I like the Greenwich Hyatt. I think it's the best in the area

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