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Mar 6, 2008 03:33 PM

Other then Taylors

My brother in- law is coming to town and we always go to K-town Taylors for steaks and he always enjoys it but I would like to try something different but along the same line for Friday or Sat.
A good steak is the key and Cut is out.
I am drawing a blank for some reason for our manly man dinner.
Thanks for the suggestions

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  1. You didn't specifiy an area of town you'd prefer; but If you don't mind driving to Glendale, for the same general price range as Taylor's, you could try Damon's (although I haven't been there personally in several years):

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      Had one of the nicest top sirloins of my admittedly limited career at Damon's the other night. Good onion rings and calamari, and the seafood options are worth eating too. Another old-school joint, just a block north I think, is Jax - also good steaks, the drinks are all doubles (extra in a carafe on ice), and there's really good live music. Get the Gigi salad - the small is plenty for two. Avoid the garlic mashed potatoes, a gluey mess - get the fries.

    2. Similar but not the same is Musso & Franks, on Hollywood Blvd. The best martinis and Caesar salad in town, very good grilled steaks and chops, and a terrific atmosphere.

      1. The Dal Rae........Old School like Taylor's but bigger menu!

        Dal Rae
        9023 E. Washington Blvd., Pico Rivera, CA 90660

        1. ....."and Cut is out."....

          Is Cut out because it's too new and trendy, no old world/school ambiance, or too pricey?

          Manly Man Steak Dinner = a BIG steak, potato, a vegie, and a decent salad (Caesar, if available). Maybe a price comparison is in order? Picking a Filet Mignon (not a petit):

          Restaurant ~ Steak + Potato + Veggie + Salad = Total Food Cost
          Talyor's ~ 29.95 + inc. + inc + 7.95 = $37.90 . . (a)

          Damon's ~ 22.95 + inc. + 6.00 + inc. = $28.95 . . (b)
          Musso & F. ~ 32.00 + inc. + 4.00 + 13.50 = $49.95 . . (c)
          Dal Rae ~ 36.95 + inc. + inc. + 8.25 = $45.20
          Cut ~ 53.00 + 6.00 + 6.00 + 17.00 = $82.00 . . (d)

          (a) 1/2 Caesar $3.95 = $33.90.
          (b) Includes a "basic" dinner salad, to be fair ? ?, split a shrimp app. + $5.00 = $33.95.
          (c) House salad available $5.50.
          (d) Potato & Veggie $12 each, assumed split, but not the salad (no Caesar available).

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          1. re: JBC

            JBC, you're insane, in the best way.

            I love your breakdown and I'd love to see it include the other 10 or 12 top steak places in town.

            Thanks for the valuable Chowhound community service.

            1. re: wutzizname

              So I'm Crazy Good am I ?

              I see what I can do to expand the "Manly Man Dinner" cost schedule using the JBC Meter over the next couple of days.....

            2. re: JBC

              Nice work, JBC, but a FILET MIGNON? Sorry, man, but a Manly Steak ought to be loaded with big beefy flavor and require some chewing. Bone-in ribeye would be a good choice, though I usually go for the sirloin...which at Damon's came out IIRC to about $20 even, like $19.95 or something. A little more expensive at Jax, but then they have the live jazz...

            3. Oops I mistakenly edited out the part about close to Los Feliz.
              JBC Thank you.. gonna stick that breakdown on my fridge for the next time dinner comes up and I hear "i dont know where do you wanna go".
              Cut is too trendy and $$$. I would love to hit Cut but am keeping my guest comfort level in mind.
              Musso, Dal Rae,and JAX I always forget about these places till after the Duoh moment hits me.
              I love Damons in the middle of a really hot summer day so cool and dark inside, umbrella drinks you could be anywhere till you leave into the glaring sun.
              thanks for delaying my "duoh" moment for a moment.

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              1. re: johnnyshungry

                I have to admit, I've never been to either of the Pacific Dining Cars, but from everything I've heard over the years, I'm guessing it might be a strong option for your other-than-taylor's dinner. And the one just west of downtown is not too far a shot from Los Feliz.

                Not exactly sure how it scores on the patented JBC Meter, but I assume closer to Taylor's than Cut.

                Pacific Dining Car
                1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

                1. re: wutzizname

                  May be a little too far east but Clearman's North Woods Inn would definitely satisfy any "Manly Man". A 25oz Porterhouse with Two Salads, Cheese Bread, Rice Pilaf, Baked Potato, with choice of
                  Whipped Cheese Butter, Butter, Sour Cream & Chives, or Mushroom Gravy goes for $33.95. Throw in some peanut shells on the floor, a few classic semi-nude paintings and a good stiff drink... I don't know what grade beef they use but we took family from Western MA there Wednesday night and everyone loved it.

                  1. re: wutzizname

                    Actually, Pacific Dining Car is pretty darn expensive--can easily close in on $100pp with drink tax and tip, and it seems to have slid notably in recent years. Other recent Chowhound threads have been little short of withering. We were invited to dinner at the Santa Monica branch a couple of months ago, and thought the steaks were so-so and the service--and the kitchen--inept (wrong, things showing up at random intervals, we could never get a second basket of bread despite FOUR requests, my allegedly rare steak was only sort of pink). Can't recommend it for dinner any more, although I'd imagine the lunches and especially the breakfasts are more satisfying.

                    1. re: PayOrPlay

                      I love the PDC and try to eat there at least once a month. I've not had any slip in service or quality. Sorry if you did. At their prices, it should always be great.