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Mar 6, 2008 03:10 PM

Lonsdale Recommendations?

My boyfriend and I are from Oregon but are living in Squamish for the ski season. Although we rarely travel to Vancouver (too broke, and also too lazy...) we do occasionally venture out as far as North Van. We've fallen in love with Lonsdale and it's bewildering assortment of restaurants.

So are there any must-try recommendations? We love all kinds of ethnic food, including Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian, and of course, Asian Asian and more Asian. I lean towards seafood and/or vegetarian, while my partner is more carnivorous. However, we are both happy to compromise are personal tastes for a delicous meal : )

My internet access is sporadic (we live at a campground!) so I may not respond immediately, but I'll check back when I can. Looking forward to hearing about some of your local favorites!


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  1. We've recently eaten at The District which is at the bottom of Lonsdale. Recommend it. A bistro style place sort of like Chambar downtown. Also recommend Deuce between 15th & 16th on Lonsdale. For Chinese it Red Chili at Lonsdale and Keith for sure!!!

    1. Red Chili has excellent chinese - 741 Lonsdale Ave

      I've heard Burgoo is delicious, never been myself - 3 Lonsdale Ave