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Diners/ Lunch spots near Chester or Woodbury Commons

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Hey all-
We're having our wedding in Washingtonville and we are choosing the accommodations based on close proximity to restaurants.

What options of a late night Diner/ and Breakfast/ Lunch place would you recommend close to Chester?

What options are close to Woodbury Commons/ Central Valley?

The only one that has been recommended to me is Bull's Head Inn. I grew up near Nyack and am unfamiliar with this neck of the woods.


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  1. bulls head inn is very good...so is canterbury creek in cornwall

    1. The Goshen Plaza Diner is right off of exit 124 of Route 17. It's an average diner if that's what you're looking for.

      1. Assuming they are still there, Clayton Delaney's in Chester is my FAVE place in Orange County

        Clayton Delaney's Dining Sln
        60 Main St, Chester, NY