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Mar 6, 2008 02:33 PM

Tranquility Base

Has anyone tried the new restaurant Tranquility Base downtown?

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  1. Yes, but only for drinks which were good (I had a pear-infused tequila). However, the atmosphere is a little weird and tacky. It feels too much like they dressed up an office building lobby with some lipstick, although the outdoor firepit is nice on a cold evening

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      Is the firepit finished? It wasn't ready when I cruised by a couple of weeks ago. It was in the morning, and I only peeked in, I really liked those very large cushy-looking booths. One of the owners saw me and came out to say hello, which I thought was very friendly.

    2. Checked it out last Friday. It was fairly empty around 8:30p or so. Three of us tried a number of the small plates. The diver scallops, charcuterie plate, veggie tempura, french fries were good. The mini burgers, not so much. We all had the apple infused rum which was very tasty. We were told about the infused tequila but apparently they were not serving it that night. Friends had been there on Wednesday after work and there was more of a crowd. Hopefully once the weather gets warmer they will draw more of a crowd. The firepit area looks great and well shielded from the street by a plexiglass wall.

        1. They are having a Sunday Brunch special event next Sunday, 4/13!

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