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Mar 6, 2008 02:23 PM

Bakery around Younge & Front (not St-Lawrence Market)


I just moved to the Esplanade and would love to find a real French or other type bakery for croissants, pastries, etc. St-Lawrence Market is fun when you go there but if you want to buy ahead of time or morning of (Sunday) for guests coming to town it is not very useful...

Any suggestions that I can go to on foot?


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  1. I've not found a French one myself. This bakery is at least close in proximity and description.

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      Thank you very much! This is very close so when in need of something quicker than going to the Distillery I will certainly give it a try!


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        I had a chance to try out the Porh Pawh bakery yesterday when I was over that way to vote. The owner is incredibly sweet and very enthusiastic about her wares. She took time to show me everything she had made and to tell me about her ingredient choices. It was clear that a lot of care goes into her goods.

        I took a few items to sample, starting with a chocolate croissant. I quite enjoyed it. It was more bready than flaky (my preference but not everyone's) and incredibly fresh at about 9:30am.

        I also tried a carrot muffin, which was tasty. Small, or what I like to call "muffin sized", like what you'd make at home. Not one of those giant monstrosities many places carry. And while the muffin didn't knock my socks off, it was good and tasted baked, not manufactured. :)

        The last thing I tried (not all at once!) was a small foccacia with cheese inside. I think it would have been nicer if I'd heated it up, but it made for a nice lunch on the run.

        I'll definitely pop in again when I have a chance.

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          i went to Porh Pawh today on my way back from St.Lawrence...Estella is the sweetest thing ever! she took the time to show me everything and explain her techniques and the health benefits of her ingredients. a few people walked in while she was showing me her stuff and after seeing the lunches, i think i will DEF have to go back and try it. the fig cake was AMAZING- i've never had cake so moist, and the cookies and biscotti are absolutely chockfull of good stuff. im so glad i found it!!

      2. May not be what you'd consider walking distance - but it's certainly worth the hoof:

        Great breads, tarts and the lamb wrap is awesome. Great service too!

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          Oh joy! EXACTLY what I was looking for! And I can walk up to Finch and back so this is just.... PERFECT!

          Merci beaucoup!