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Mar 6, 2008 02:08 PM

Greenville, SC -Woodruff Area

Willbe staying at the Drury Inn off Woodruff
Looking for Dining choices close by- I have came up with Fried Green Tomatoes
and Stax-Omega. Other suggestions - not too pricey
and no Sushi

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  1. Whole foods- They have a ber where you can get a glass of wine with your food.
    Arizona Steak House- Decent steak.
    But I messed up my typing.

    Treat yourself go to Deverouxs and have an ap. then go walk the bridge at the falls.

    1. Looking for something nice or just a place to grab a bite that is reasonable? Breakfast, lunch or dinner spot? I would strongly suggest checking out downtown Greenville, it is not really that far just jump on 385 from 85 :)

      There are a ton of chain restaurants on Woodruff and traffic is a BEAR just to be warned!

      Just a few suggestions... might be able to add if needed

      Close to Woodruff:
      Stax-Omega has a huge menu and has a little bit for everyone (they should have a website)
      Stax Grill is one of Stax Omega's sister restaurant and not far away, good place for lunch- located on Haywood Rd.
      City Range- Haywood Rd.
      Five Guys- Burgers

      Whole Foods (right by your hotel)
      Lieu's Chinese Bistro (
      Panera (yes a chain but a good stand by)

      Downtown Greenville:
      Liberty Taproom and Grill
      Hyatt Hotel- Great week day lunch
      Bertolo's Pizza (family owned)
      Soby's Resturant

      Pehlem Road (one exit down from Woodruff)
      Two Chefs

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      1. re: alfalfa28

        Thanks for the suggestions, I am flying in to Greenville on the way to Asheville. Landing a liitle late so want something close by after flight from Californa.
        On the night we fly back will stay at the Pheonix Inn and will hit Downtown spots. Thoght Oysters on the West side seemed good . Maybe a drink at the lazy goat?

        1. re: mustardgirl

          Saffron, an Indian restaurant, is across a side street from the Red Robin gas station on Woodruff Rd going toward town from Walmart on the left.

          Right behind the Red Robin gas station is an excellent Korean restaurant. If you like Korean veggies, order them with your meal instead of getting the box lunch. If you don't like them the box lunch is a good choice.

          There is an excellent hamburger restaurant - gourmet burgers - across the street from the Red Robin gas station and the name of it is something like Red Robin if I remember correctly. The hotel people should know.

          There is another Indian restaurant beyond Walmart on the right headed away from town that is also quite good.

          The best Vietnamese restaurant is on Wade Hampton Blvd just a short distance toward town beyond Bob Jones Univerwity on the left in a little strip shopping center. Pho 99. Don't confuse it with the other Pho restaurants. The only other Vietnamese restaurant we like is on Pleasantburg Drive and it is named Pho also but not the same owners.

          Also on Pleasantburg is Rosalinda'a. Great chicken with mole sauce and many other more interesting Mexican dishes.

          One of the best Barbecue places is Charlies but they are a bit far out but you can get there by way of Woodruff Rd.

          The absolute best Greek Restaurant in town is Never On Sunday which is on Coffee St. right off Main. If you are traveling south on Main going past the Mariott take a left on Coffee a few blocks down. Never On Sunday is on the right. They are not open on Sunday or Monday. They actually home make their own gyro meat. Their dolmades are fantastic. The souvlaki is amazing. The salad is amazing and so on.

          In town the three restaurants mentioned the most for "fancy dining" are High Cotton, O and Soby's. Soby's is a bit more casual. By all means take a look at all the statues and bronze mice, the pedestrian bridge over the river and go through the Poinsett Hotel. They have redone their dining and we haven't eaten there since then.

          On Main St there is also a Jamaican jerk restaurant that is quite good. A good Thai restaurant, At the West end of town there is a good pizza place, loud and warehousish but quite good. Named something like the magic mushroom.

          Downtown is the place to be at night if the weather is good. But for food other than the Jerk place and Never On Sunday, you'll do better out Woodruff.

          I forgot another little gem - Pita house. Lebanese. Across from Greenville Tecnical college on Pleasantburg Drive. It's easy to miss because it's set back with a Tattoo parlor next door.

          Greenville really has many many good restaurants with quite reasonable prices other than the fancy ones in town and they aren't bad compared to big city prices.

          1. re: warthawgs

            The pizza place you are referring to downtown is the "Mellow Mushroom." I really like their crust but I typically stick to my fav local pizza parlor. The Pita House is very yummy, it is on Pleasantburg... which is not far from the Pheniox Inn (in fact it is on the same road). It is more of a hole in the wall place but the food is great. I have never gone there for dinner.

            1. re: alfalfa28

              OH! Don't know how I could have forgotten Boston Pizzeria on Woodruff Road - it's great.

          2. re: mustardgirl

            Well it all depends on what looking for the first night you are coming through.

            Stax Omega (the one off of Orchard Park Dr) City Range, Brixx Pizza, Lieu's, Whole Foods, Panera, Stickey Fingers (not a personal fav but right by the hotel), and all your other chain places should be open later. Doc Cheys is also good.

            The Pheonix Inn is not the the most attractive part of town so I would try to see downtown.. although you cant really appriecate it as much at night. 33 Liberty is right by the Pheonix Inn and also has a website which has a weekly rotating menu.

            Both The Lazy Goat and Oyster on the West End are fairly new. The lazy goat is a pretty cool place... they do have a website so check their menu before going to see if it is your style. I cant personally vouch for Oysters on the West Side.

            If you are in the mood for Indian- Handi is another place to maybe try downtown (think I am spelling it right). Still stand by Liberty Taproom for a drink or a bite to eat, if you are looking for something casual.It is right by our new ballpark. Nothing 5 star, just casual fare. It always has a good crowd. Wild Wings downtown is a good place for a beer but has more of a sports bar feel. Soby's and Smoke on the Water are also a good place for a drink downtown, however it has been a while since I have been there.

        2. A pretty good place literally across the street from where you'll be staying is Brixx pizza. (Located in the shops at Greenridge.) Brixx IS a chain although it's only a Carolina chain I believe - not national. Very tasty thin crust wood fired pizza. Not pricey at all and a good beer/wine selection with a bar. Nice atmosphere for a pizza joint too.

          There's a good Pho place a couple of miles away off of Haywood - Pho Noodleville. Small, but very good. Located in a strip mall next to Outback. If caffeine doesn't bother you, you might try a Vietnamese coffee (strong chicory coffee and sweetened condensed milk over ice). If caffeine does bother you, all that sugar and caffeine will have you shaking for hours.

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          1. re: Magic Pig

            Brixxs and on the other side of the bridge is Doc Cheys are close and they are both good AND have a FULL BAR!!!

          2. Sticking strictly to Woodruff Road... if you like nice Italian, Travinia is a good place (entrees $11-25). There is also El Jalisco for a hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint (with starter salsa and chips and cheap beer), and the Olympian is a low-key Greek place. All on Woodruff Road.

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            1. re: Chocolate Toe

              Just an FYI... the Olympian is on Congree and not Woodruff. Congree is not very far though. IMHO the Olympian has some what fallen from my favor in the recent past. Travinia's is decent also. There are so many good places to eat in Greenville I would avoid the El Jaliscos... but you are right they do give you free salsa and chips and the beer is cheap.

              If you are in Greenville on a Tuesday evening, Liberty Taproom has 2 dollar martinis, but I cant remember if it is just for happy hour or not.

              1. re: alfalfa28

                There are 2 Olympians. One on Congaree and one at the far end of Woodruff Road, out where the Ford dealership used to be. Its there, I promise. I eat there a lot.

                1. re: Chocolate Toe

                  Ohh yeah... sorry about that. I try not to venture that far down Woodruff except when all possible.

            2. Has anybody eat at Fried Green Tomatoes?

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              1. re: mustardgirl

                I've been to Fried Green Tomatoes several times. It's a classic meat and 3, which means, no frills, no bar, not a big space. Good food though and the menu changes daily (as I think I mentioned on one of your other Greenville threads). Very reasonably priced.