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Overabundance of Lavender (help!)

So I planted an herb garden about a year ago and kinda let it go wild. My lavender bush is the most noticeable thing in it so I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on what I could do with this fragrant herb?

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  1. Any lemon cake, cookie or dessert can be enhanced with a lavender infusion.

    1. lavender ice cream?
      it's a little hardcore on the lavender for me, but the friends of mine I made it for loved it.


      (scroll down to near the bottom of the page)

      1. You can make Herbes de Provence w/ rosemary, marjoram, basil, bay leaf, thyme. Lavender is very good with pound cake, scones and even to flavor Creme fraiche.

        I have infused vodka with lavender, and it makes great tea.

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        1. Things I like to make with lavender:

          Honey lavender ice cream
          lemon lavender tea cookies
          lavender lemonade(my husband loves this. Just made a big batch with some of our lemons yesterday).

          Use juidiciously...a little goes a long long way.

          1. I dehydrate lavender, sew it into lace *pockets*, a la sachet, and place them throughout my lingerie drawers. Our priest uses it to infuse the water in the baptismal font.

            1. Google up Lavender Bottles or Lavender Wands. They are pretty and simple to make. Not food but a lovely thing to hang in your closet or linen cupboard. i tried to copy a link on how to make them but I could not make the copy work. You need to pick the lavender when it is fresh and the stems are pliable. It requires you to turn the heads (an uneven number) into a bundle and pulling the stems, folding them up over the blossom heads and then weaving fabric linen in and out among the stems to enclose the whole. The blossoms will be enclosed within the "bottle or wand" and will contai them and then hang in your closet to dry. It is a lovely scent.

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              1. Lavender cupcakes. I made this recipe for a Lavender themed bridal shower and people loved them:


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                  I love the subtle, floral hint of lavender honey, and usually have it on some toast or swirl it in Greek yogurt with some dried figs.

                  As a celebration cake project for class yesterday, I made a lavender honey genoise cake (adapted from Flo Braker's honey genoise recipe) that was filled with lemon curd and moistened with a lavender-lemon syrup, then frosted with lavender honey buttercream (just add lavender honey to a basic buttercream and adjust to taste).

                  And there are definitely plenty of recipes online that use lavender as an ingredient, such as pound cake and biscotti. Alice Medrich also has a recipe for lavender tuiles in her "Pure Desserts" book.

                2. Creme Brulee (it's awsome!)
                  add some to a canister of sugar - much like you do with used vanilla pods
                  cakes & cookies
                  custard pie or a nice vanilla pudding infused with lavendar
                  add to a bottle of vodka to infuse
                  Then there is the obvious-
                  sachets for draws/closets- I love putting them under my bed pillows or pinned to the inside of my pillow cases (make a bag and put the lavendar in)
                  Put in a bowl of potpouri
                  I suck some up my vacuum so when I am vacuuming the house the fragrance is everywhere...

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                    I second the creme brulee. It is delicious. I've also made lavender lemonade like someone mentioned above. Very tasty for summer especially if you cut it with some seltzer.

                  2. ExtraVeganZa cookbook includes several recipes which call for lavender. Not a cooking idea but you could make sachets by putting some into envelope or small fabric bags. These could go in clothing drawers or closets.

                    1. A traditional sachet for repelling moths in pantries and clothing storage uses dried lavender, rosemary and mint.

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                        Good to know since I have all those herbs in my garden!

                      2. I have a feeling that you are looking not only for help using up the flower buds, but also for ideas for using the greens. I had this same question a few weeks ago -- check out the related thread here:


                        Also -- the lavender greens are sort of similar in potency and pineyness to rosemary (though they are clearly more fragrant), so often they can be substituted for rosemary in recipes. I made an herb butter with chives, lemon, lavender greens, and rosemary that I have used quite successfully to make a sauce served over fish poached in white wine. I've also been meaning to make a focaccia with lavender greens... more on that whenever I actually manage to get to it!

                        1. Pardon the interruption, but please keep the replies focused on chowish uses for lavender!


                          1. You can use lavender to scent black tea -- apparently it's a traditional alternative to bergamot for making Earl Grey tea. I've never done this myself, but presumably you'd start with a plain black tea and put a sachet of lavender in the cannister until enough of the flavor/aroma has transferred to the tea, then take the sachet out. You don't want bits of lavender in the tea, which is why you need to use a sachet.

                            Actually, I can't stand Earl Grey with lavender, but a lot of people like it. :-)

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                              A friend of mine used to make lavender milk tea all the time. Very soothing and relaxing. I think it was simply black tea, lavender, milk and sugar.

                              I have also been thinking about making this lavender honey tea bread: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...