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Cut Steakhouse - Perceptor's Report

been meaning to check out the ultra-hip steakhouse inside the Beverly Wilshire hotel... all i know from reading about this place is 1. expensive 2. they serve imported wagyu from Japan and 3. one of Puck's restaurant and executive chef is Lee Hefter from Spagos...
Finally made it out to Cut, and we scored a "walk-in" table. We had fantastic service, and the steaks were extremely amazing. We did try the 100% Japan imported Wagyu and yes it does cost more than some monthy car payment. It is exactly what you would expect, fatty, delicious, flavorful steak... it is so fatty that you dont need to bring lip balm to dinner because your lips will be glossy for the entire night after... in conclusion, we had a great night out and our bellies were happy...

Enjoy my photo coverage:

- Perceptor

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  1. great photos! i am def going to cut after lent (i gave up red meat). lol.

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      Cut is definitely a fantastic choice for the post-lent meal....

      1. Nice report & great descriptions. Alas, as pretty and wickedly delicious as everything looks it'll be a whiles till I save (or earn) enough to justify eating there.


        1. You are a God among food photographers. The quality of your pictures never ceases to amaze me.

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            Fantastic photo report. The Japanese Wagyu looks absolutely ghostly it's so well-marbled. I can almost imagine the mouth feel just based on your pictures.

            R. Jason Coulston

          2. so would you say the real deal kobe is worth it? i noticed in your pic that the stuff you had in Japan was 2 - 3 times richer which makes me think its still not the "real deal"

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              the wagyu i had in Cut is still couple notches below real Kobe i had in Osaka japan.... and the Kobe in Osaka was actually cheaper compare to what Cut charged for the 100% Japan Wagyu... you are correct the real deal Kobe i had in Osaka was even richer than the Cut wagyu... but i guess Cut Wagyu is as close as we get to the real deal without the 11 hour flight to japan :-)

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                I've noticed the meat in Japan is higher quality and cheaper than US too. Will be back in Tokyo/Yokohama in 2 weeks and will hopefully indulge :)

            2. Great report. However, I'm very interested in their dry-aged cuts because I find Kobe/Wagyu to be too rich to enjoy as a steakhouse entrée

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                We weren't particularly impressed with the non-Wagyu steaks at Cut. Certainly not at those prices.

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                  The dry-aged NY is fabulous (and I'm generally a filet guy).

                  And I agree with you about the Kobe ... so much better saved for shabu-shabu where it's sliced thin than as one large slab for a "steak entree".

                2. Those pictures really inspire a visit. I'm curious about the Wagyu beef, which I've never tried. Your pictures made the meat look like it is almost all fat...is that what it's about???

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                    Based on several reviews, that about sums it up. Paraphrasing other reviews, the wagyu is good to sample but not good to eat as an entree.

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                      Naspy.... o yes... is basically all fat... thats why eating just 8oz of that is a challenge...

                    2. This website has some great pictures comparing the varying degrees of Kobe beef and grading classifications. Mention made of not being as rich as what was eaten in Japan. I have heard that the upper three or four grades of marbling are seldom exported out of the country so what one gets here would, I would guess, be grade 5 meat with a marbling score of 8 or 9 as opposed to that which would score a 12 on the marbling scale.


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                        That website is almost disturbing. ;-)

                        The marbling of the A5 Wagyu is frighteningly beautiful. I can't possibly imagine finishing an entire steak.

                        R. Jason Coulston

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                          When we went, we divided one for the five of us...each of us got a 3/8 inch thick slick on NY...it was like eating a stick of butter, and frankly made me a little queasy after only two bites (bear in mind, I love butter/oil/fried stuff).

                          I'm glad I tasted it, at $35 a slice, but wouldn't order it again even if someone else were paying!

                      2. Gaaack! I feel full just looking at it all. This will be a great help to my diet efforts.

                        And you had cheesecake afterwards. Amazing.

                        1. Awesome pics and comments. I love Cut. Especially the 35 day aged New York, and the Petit of that is "only" 46 bucks!

                          1. thx for the great pix Perceptor! In my mind, Cut is like one of those top-restaurant like Providence or Spago. Now you pix validated my belief!!! :-D

                            I should make a reservation there for my bday~~~

                            9500 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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                              I'm glad you said that. I think it is a top restaurant in that category.

                            2. Fellow hounder, not trying to off-track from the great pix that Perceptor took, but I just wanna know other than Cut, what other AWESOME steakhouse (say $100 per head is no problem) would you recommend as an alternative?

                              It used to be able to use opentable to reserve at the Cut... but no more. So I'm just keeping my ears open, to look for variety of options for a place, to enjoy my lovely birthday meal :-)

                              thx in advance!

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                                What about The Lodge?

                                R. Jason Coulston