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Mar 6, 2008 01:28 PM

High-end Mexican

Looking at Agave, Zocalo (sp?) and any other non-chain suggestions in the city.

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  1. I would start with Topolobampo, and then throw in Salpicon and Adobo Grill, for starters relatively close to downtown. Also Fonda del Mar and Tepatulco, a bit further but within the city. Flamingo's Seafood is wonderful if you're willing to go to the suburbs (just past O'Hare). For details on these and other creative Mexican restaurants, see the discussion at

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      Found that thread within a minute of putting the post up, probably should've done a bit more research. Thanks for the suggestion on Topo.

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        Just a quick plug for one of those on that list. Had a dinner at Sol De Mexico a few weeks ago, and they knocked it out of the park. I could eat that ostrich dish every day of the week. Easily the best dish I've had this young year. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare, and I think that if you stress really hard that that's how you'd like it, they may take a little extra caution while preparing it. Of course, they should always take such good care, but I did see someone post that they tried the ostrich, and found it to be overly chewy. The stuff I had, however was simply sublime. At Sol, I'd shy away from the normal run of the mill "Sombrero Mexican Food" type appetizers and entree offerings, and go with the interesting things like the lamb, and the ostrich and the ceviche. For my $, I'd be at Sol over Topo, but I tend to like the funky, off the beaten path type places. Sol might not be one of those places for much longer, because of recent press, but I dig it big time. That being said, if you've never been to Topo, it might be worth a visit to say you've gone.

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          for all those SdM lovers, please note that it is no longer BYOB anymore.

    2. Zocalo is also very good, I eat there quite frequently and enjoy the entire atmosphere.
      On weekend evenings there is music and dancing with a very latino crowd which is tons of fun Great trio of guacamole--one with fruit.

      Blue Agave is less than awesome for food, but more fun is not to be had in many places.
      Watch out for the bartenders mixing margaritas with Cuervo Crap (Gold) though. Request a good tequila or you'll regret it in the morning.

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        Agreed on Zocalo, it's solid mexican food with a beautiful atmosphere. I'm not so sure about being the most innovative, but the my personal mexican foodie guaranteed that their chicken tinga was as good as mama makes. If you want to see pictures of the food, I posted pictures from my last visit:

      2. I really like Adobo grill. Yea, it's a chain but it only has about 3 or 4 locations mostly in Chicago. I really enjoyed it when I was there and I tried many things on the menu.

        1. I love fonda del mar--emphasis on seafood. It is one of my favorites, as it has great margaritas, fresh ceviches, the best corn tamale I have ever had, light and crispy fish tacos, cohinita pibil and homemade flans. check out their website. Not sure how high-end it is in ambience, but their food is very traditional/non tex-mex.

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            I'll second the Sol de Mexico recommendation; their lamb chops in black mole are unbelievable. Their moles are truly remarkable. I've butted heads with people over it, but I would take a meal at Sol de Mexico over Topolobampo any day of the week even if costs were equal.