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Mar 6, 2008 01:26 PM

Where can I find Callebaut *unsweetened* baking choc in Camb/Somerville/downtown?

Does Whole Foods carry it? Savenor's? thanks.

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  1. For Callebaut in general I have used Whole Foods and Formaggio as a backup, but at least at the former haven't seen the unsweetened and Formaggio is worth a call. Marty's is a better priced source and I would suggest calling to see if they carry it. Dairy Fresh you could also try. In the past I ordered a bunch in bulk from a online source that happened to be in Mansfield and they definitely had it, but not certain if they went out of business or are now World Wide Chocolate in Stratford. (If someone knows who that wholesaler/online site was and if they are still around, I would be interested.)

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      I have bought Callebaut unsweetened baking chocolate at Formaggio before - but the last time was a while ago. Never seen it anywhere else.

      1. re: itaunas

        If you want to buy 11 lbs at a time, based in Worcester has a selection of chocolates and incredibly low shipping costs. There is a $60 minimum order, so unless you're a pro it's good to order with a friend.

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          Eleven pounds is a bit much and I know no one else who'd want to split it with me. At Whole Foods yesterday, I did find the blocks of Callebaut, but the unsweetened stuff had a sell-by date on it of Jan 27 '08, and generally looked old, so I passed and went for the Scharffen Berger in the package, which was $8.49 for 9.7 ounces (which was expensive but *did* represent a $1 discount off the regular price). I guess they don't have very high turnover on the Callebaut unsweetened, so be sure to check the sell-by date.

          1. re: bella_sarda

            I routinely use the Scharffenberger and get excellent results!

      2. I've definitely bought unsweetened Callebaut at WF (River St. location in Cambridge) next to the cheese counter. It was in the fall. I bought it by accident since it was sitting right next to the bittersweet. But I made a delicious chocolate cake with it so it worked out.

        But I digress. Call before you go to make sure they still have it.

        1. If you can venture as far as Newton, Marty's Liquors & Gourmet Foods on Washington Street has it. They carry quite a few different types of chocolate for baking & cooking.

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            Most recent price we paid at Marty's for the Callebaut unsweetened choco was $4.49/lb.

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              WOW..way less than the Scharffenberger......I will have to try......THANKS1

          2. The Whole Foods branches in Fresh Pond, in Cambridgeport and in Beacon Hill have all carried Callebaut unsweetened chocolate in the bar fragments (100% cocoa solids, definitely not for nibbling!). However, they also carry 60% and 70% bars as well, so you'll need to inspect the packaging carefully. I'm pretty sure each of the last few times that I've looked I've seen it at these various shops, though you can always call ahead to make sure that they are stocking it. has a list of the branch phone numbers. Good luck!

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              Thanks, folks. I'm hitting the WF River St. tomorrow.

            2. Conventional wisdom says that Trader Joe's brand chocolate is actually Callebaut, and Alice Medrich confirmed the idea when I heard her speak here last fall,

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                1. re: Science Chick

                  Yes, I got a bar of Belgian unsweetened baking chocolate at Trader Joe's last week.

                  1. re: Velda Mae

                    Now that is a great insider tip. Hopefully they don't have the low-turnover problem that WF does.