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Mar 6, 2008 01:15 PM

Places for breakfast 26th st

I am going to the tyra show on wed. The studio is on 26th between 7th and 8th.Any nice places to have breakfast before we have to be there. We have to be there by 11:30

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  1. Best place is Le Grainne Cafe, on 21st and 9th.

    1. I love bkfast at Markt on 21st & 6th.

      1. For a quick pastries stop, Le Madeleine Bakery (23d btw 6th and 7th) is great.

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        1. re: Lucia

          FYI -- they're in the process of moving. So they may not be open by Wednesday.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            Miss Needle,

            Madeleine is moving? Where to?

            1. re: RGR

              They're just moving a couple of doors down to the hardware store. I think it's a smaller space.

          2. re: Lucia

            The pistachio pain au chocolat is wonderful - was less thrilled with the "regular" pain au chocolat, which doesn't really make sense, but ....