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Supports Local Farms? Vegetarian Options?

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My Mom is in town from California. She's a vegetarian and prefers places that use local, organic ingredients. I know about EVOO, Ten Tables and the new raw place in the N. End but am looking for something I haven't already tried. I'm right in the city and don't drive, so I'm wondering if anyone has anyother ideas that I might not know about.

I realize this is a very tall order...any thoughts or ideas are great.


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  1. First thing that comes to my mind is Oleana. Great seasonal flavors, vegetarian options, definitely supports local agriculture.

    1. there is veggie heaven pizza place in harvard sq (in club passim) and i believe it is owned by didi eammons and she is a proponent of organic & local ingredients. i know that peeps on the boston board have mixed emotions about the place but it may fit the bill. it is a little hippyish but if your mom is from cali, maybe she wouldn't mind so much.

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          It's called Veggie Planet, and the pizza and the salads are awesome!

      1. I know that Centre Street Cafe buys as local as possible and has plenty of veggie options. I suspect that Vee Vee's (ex-CSC folks) adhere to a similar philosophy, but I haven't been yet.

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          Yes, Vee Vee supports local farms and has vegetarian options.

        2. Kitchen on Common in Belmont is very committed to local produce, and had a nice pasta and roasted mushroom dish. Service is slow, but it's BYOB, so you can bring an organic wine w/ you (there's a wine store 2 doors down as well)! Garden at the Cellar (walkable from Hvd Sq) seems like very promising option too, as they emphasize local produce and have quite a few veg options in their small plates.

          1. Check out happycow.net for veg-friendly places....

            1. Garden at the Cellar is excellent! And they have quite a few vegetarian options.

              1. I would second the recommendation for Garden at the Cellar. Ate dinner there recently and was quite impressed. My understanding is that the chef is very committed, to the local, organic, sustainable ethos.

                Also, Green Street Grille on the back side of Central Square leans in the local sustainable direction, with a focus on New England comfort food. http://www.greenstreetgrill.com

                Either place would be appropriate to take the parents.

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                  One note about Green Street - if you order things, you might want to ask about ingredients. I remember that the mac and cheese has duck confit, unless you ask for it to be left out, and the succotash had pork in it, I believe.

                2. Oleana's chef is married to a man who owns a farm out in Sudbury and he grows a lot of stuff just for the restaurant.

                  1. Hungry Mother in Cambridge is wonderfully sustainable...I'm not sure about veggie options...

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                      Only one veggie main course, and no veggie first courses, alas.