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Mar 13, 2002 10:31 AM

Where can i find the best Soup in Los Angeles

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does anyone know where i can get great soup in los angeles. I'm looking for something similar to the Soup Nazi that you see on Seinfeld.

thanks for the help

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  1. I am a soup fiend, so this question is near and dear to my heart. That being said, I have not lived in Los Angeles for two years, but here are the places that I remember ...

    Salads Galore. 11665 Wilshire Blvd. Brentwood. 310.444.2040. Good lunch place, always had approximately 6-10 great soups that were fresh. Good vegetarian soups. My favorite was cream of mushroom. I don't remember it being particularly inexpensive, but good if you are in the neighborhood.

    Las Comadres. 1440 Santa Fe Ave. Long Beach. 562.436.4678. FANTASTIC mexican chicken soup. Choice of white or dark meat. This place is one of the places that I miss the most, being in San Francisco. You can't go wrong with anything you order here, but the soups are remarkable. One day I was there and sick, and the owner magically whipped up a soup for my cold that was out of this world.

    Cozymel's. 2172 Rosecrans Avenue, El Segundo. 310.606.5464. Wasn't crazy about the rest of the food here, or the service, but always depended on it for the soup - I think it was called 'de la casa' - & a margarita. Spicy soup with chicken and rice. Large enough for a meal.

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      Doughboys on 3rd Street has fantastic soup...the chili and the baked french onion soup are particularly comforting on a chilly evening.

    2. Al Gelato (there was a recent thread) on Robertson at Gregory is also a restaurant that makes an amazing minestrone with huge chunks of potatoes and veggies. It's so good, I haven't tried the chicken noodle or others (they vary every day).

      Asahi Ramen on Sawtelle makes my absolute favorite miso ramen. For clear broth ramen, there's another Japanese soup place on Olympic, North side of the street, a block and half west of Sawtelle (somebody else help with the name, please?).

      Magic Carpet, Pico near La Cienega makes a lovely bowl of beef broth with a large potato and strands of meat in it. I didn't like their other soups.

      Ma Dang Gook Soo 869 S. Western, a Korean noodle place serves bowls of noodles in broth. Try the clam soup, yummy!

      Stevie's on the Strip -- 3403 Crenshaw, okay it's not soup, it's GUMBO, but trust me, you'll be very very happy.