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Mar 6, 2008 12:54 PM

MSP - Looking for Pork Back Fat

I'm trying to find a place where I can find a slab of (unsalted) pork back fat for making sausages.

I've called around to Widmer's, Everett's, Hockenmueller's and no one has it or can get it. All of these places want to sell 50/50 trim for sausage making, but I can't find a place to source unsalted fatback. Ready Meats said that they had it, but I ended up with fat trimmings instead.

Anybody know of a source for this? I don't care if it is frozen or fresh. On other boards I've seen people say that Asian or Hispanic markets usually sell it frozen. Has anyone seen it in those markets here?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You may be able to order it from Pastures A Plenty.They produce some of the best pork in the state. Fisher Farm and Hidden Stream Farm are two others with premium, heritage, humane, and sustainably raised pork in MN but I don't know how they work with selling to an individual on a custom processing basis. Lastly I'd try Lorenz Meats, they are a custom processor who would know which farms that they had cut fat back for in the past. (maybe)

      1. Bumping this up...

        I was at the SuperValu at Lake and Nicollet yesterday. I don't normally shop there, but I wanted Kraft Mac and Cheese and I knew they would have it and it is very close to my house, but I digress.

        I decided to check out their meat deparment. They have a HUGE meat case and it has every cheap cut of meat you can imagine. They also have butchers at the store. They had offal I had never heard of, like beef feet and pig's brains. I almost died when I saw that their pork shoulder was less than $1.50 a pound (I paid more than $4 a pound at Whole Foods). But, they don't have much in the way of nice cuts. Don't go in there looking for a nice steak.

        You may want to check them out. It seems that they could order it if they don't have it, they have real butchers on site.

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        1. re: churchka

          Thanks for the info. I did end up having it specail ordered and I got a decent price at $0.99 a pound. (Clancy's wanted an outlandish $3.99 a lb.) The only downside was that I had to take the whole order - so I've got over 30 lbs vaccum sealed in my freezer. I've got lots of sausage making ahead of me before I need more fat.

          If you're looking for whole sholder butts, SAMs usually has them for $1.29 lb and they have always worked great for me - much nicer that what I've found in most stores around here.

          1. re: Kilgore

            May I ask where you ended up ordering from?
            I am looking for the same thing... having my father see if he can find it on the range as local shops tend to actually have butchers.

            1. re: kenai4

              I got it at Von Hansens. I called ahead and they said that they could place an order for me.

            2. re: Kilgore

              Rainbow at Univ. and Snelling matches Sams quality for $0.79 (on sale) or $0.99 (regular) / lb for pork shoulders. They might even have back fat. I'm pretty sure they had belly fat for sale in small packages last week.

              I got some good quality baby back ribs last week at Rainbow for $5.99 / lb (regular) vs. the $9.99 at WFM. Of course, later that day I saw baby backs on sale for $4.99 / lb at Lund's in Highland...murphy's law in action.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. On a semi-related topic, does anyone know a source for pork belly?

              Or would my best option be to talk to the butcher at Von Hanson's/Kowalskis/other local meat market?

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              1. re: BigE

                United noodles has it available in small portions (less than 2 pounds.)

                United Noodles Asian Supermarket
                2015 E 24th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404

                1. re: BigE

                  Clancey's has it. Also, Kim's Oriental has frozen, thinly sliced pork belly, as well as chunks. And like Smart Cookie, I saw fresh belly at United Noodles too.

                  1. re: BigE

                    Ready Meats on Johnson in NE Mpls carries both fat back and pork belly. No need to order, they usually have it in stock.