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Mar 6, 2008 12:24 PM

Paris-simple bowl of pasta?

Hello Chowhounds,

I recently posted on where to eat for Easter in Paris and everyone was so helpful I thought I would ask one more question.

Is there anywhere to get a simple bowl of pasta or basic Italian, (perhaps pizza?) in an informal setting? I have been looking up Italian resturants in Michelin and the web, but not what I had in mind. I saw recommendations for Chez Enzo and Conti. Are these places for a bowl of pasta and informal?

Any help you can provide is really appreciated.


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  1. Check out Little Italy Trattoria on rue Rambuteau. It's part of a small family-owned chain, see

    1. Thanks Souvenir. Just what I was looking for. Any favorites? Any especially good pizza?

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        You're very welcome. I don't remember pizza there at all... I was responding to the portion of your request for a bowl of pasta and informal. I remember some pastas with nicely spiced red sauces and a meat lasagna the best, nice combo of flavors.

        For pizza, there is so much of it available, I don't have any specific recs for you. I don't eat much of it when I'm in Paris but there are lots of options out there. I'd look for places with pizza ovens and check out the pizzas on others' tables. Hopefully someone else can provide you with some specific recommendations.

      2. I actually found an older post, where someone (I thought you actually) recommended a few places. I copied them down. As long as I know its there, I am sure we will do fine. Pizza happens to be quite controversial and precious where I am from (check out outer boroughs board on DiFaro's, over 124 responses when I last saw it), so not any old pie will do. That said, I imagine the Parisians do a mighty fine pizza.

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          Sorry... understand completely about looking for the best pizza recs. I'm getting over 2 weeks of the flu... at the moment I don't have my usual passion for food specifics. I probably shouldn't be posting at all in this state, :).

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            There are quite a few Italian restaurants around the "Marche St Germain" square in the 7eme. I have had a some good (traditional thin base) pizzas here. I couldn't point to a specific place, as I we simply chose the one that looked good and was busiest with locals (it is easy t tell). Most have outside tables and there isn't much traffic in the square.

            For good simple pasta I always enjoyed "Le Perron" 6 rue Perronet 7eme, it is quite a good Italian restaurant which does simple pasta well i.e. not over sauced allowing very fresh ingredients to show through. It is like a restaurant in Italy.

            I wouldn't say Paris is a great destination for Italian food - I tended to stick to the local bars and cafes for light meals at lunchtime. They do fantastic salads, omelettes etc. To paraphrase "when in Paris do as the Parisians do".

          2. Google: pizza paris france - a number of places popped up, but I can't rec any of them, having never tried.

            1. If you venture out to the 16th, there is a great, local neighborhood place called Pizzeria d'Auteuil (81, rue La Fontaine, metro: Michel-Ange-Auteuil on the 9 line). Great pizza and pasta and salads. Make a reservation though because it's usually packed at lunch and dinner.