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Where to find molasse in Boston?

Hi there,

Simple question: where to find molasse in Boston? I went to a couple of Shaws/Starmarket/Stop&Shop in Brookline and did not find anything. Some folks at Shaws even told me they never heard of that before.

This is for a recipe my mom used to do. Any ideas?


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  1. Do you mean molasses (the thick brown sugary stuff)? If so, Shaws, etc. should have it - I buy the Grandma's brand in the yellow jar. It should be near the syrups (corn, maple, etc.).

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      I have looked at 2 different Stop&Shops and cannot find corn syrup, which i need for a pecan pie recipe. Can anyone tell me a Boston grocery store where they've previously seen corn syrup?

    2. I'm not sure I'd want to cook with molasse, personally.

      Anyway, I've seen molasses/treacle at practically every Shaws/Starmarket/Stop&Shop I've ever set foot in.

      1. Whole Foods has a nice organic molasses...

        1. any MarketBasket in the MerrValley.

          1. Every supermarket I have ever set food in anywhere carries molasses. Like asking if they carry milk...

            1. Molasses is nearly universally available - considering that molasses was a major product in Boston for centuries (and the reason Boston was the center of America's confectionary industry for so long), this should not be surprising. It should be near the granulated sugars, in jars. Are you pronouncing it correctly (I wonder, given your mispelling of it, to be frank)?

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                Sometimes it's with the pancake syrups, as is corn syrup.

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                  Yes, this question reminded me of the Great Molasses Flood in Boston:


                2. Or do you mean Mexican mole?

                  1. At first I thought "molasse" was some highbrow culinary term for molasses!

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                      I see Grandma's everywhere.. I had to hunt for a while to find Crosby's, which was a specific brand I was looking for to make baked beans.. ended up finding it at a Roche Bros. in Woburn.

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                        I saw Crosby's at Market Basket in Reading.

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                          Crosby's is now being sold at the Golden Goose Market in the North End.

                      2. did you try whole foods?

                        1. i just saw it at the star market on beacon & tappan in brookline