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Port St. Lucie recs

I'll be spending a few days in mid-March in Port St. Lucie for a few Mets spring training games. Can anyone recommend any family-friendly chow-worthy places nearby. We'd like to avoid the chains and fast food, and we're open to pretty much any cuisine.



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  1. Cafe Creme is a family frendly german restaurant on the corner or Port St. Lucie Blvd and Westmorland, also has a great breakfast menu. If you're looking for something on the beach The Breakers hotel on Jensen Beach has a great location and good food lunch/dinner. Conchy Joes on US1 is also good for local seafood. If you don't mind a 15 minute drive I'd reccommend a restaurant in Stuart Fl called The Flagler Grill it's fancier than the ones I've mentioned but I've always had great service there and excellent food.

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      I'm not familiar with Cafe Creme, but in good conscience I must steer you away from Flagler Grill in Stuart (mediocre-way overpriced) and Conchy Joe's (good entertainment and drinks-lousy food, not exactly a family place-more of a bar with dancing and not appropriate for kids).

      I have lived in Jensen Beach for 8 years and I have never heard of the Breakers Hotel???????????

      PSL is sort of a wasteland for good food, but Stuart is near enough. Try TooJays for deli food, Don ramon for cuban. If you are staying near the stadium, try Palm City Grill, it's not fantastic but it's pretty good, also try Sam Snead's Tavern at PGA Village. These are very convenient to the stadium, and you won't be unhappy. Bistro Madeleine would also work for you, and it's nearby the stadium as well

    2. I can recommend Riverwalk Cafe & Oyster Bar in Stuart. It's in the "historic downtown" area and the crabcakes are very good. It's behind The Ashley and is a small restaurant with entrees in the $20 to $30 range. Another rec is Osceola Street Cafe in the same district, but I have never been. My brother has lived in Stuart for 15 years and has frequented both of these places quite often.

      Both Toojays Deli and Don Ramon Cuban are chains.

      Maybe someone else can comment on these two Stuart restos that I mentioned.

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        Don Ramon is a chain? Does 6 locations in two counties make a place a chain?

      2. Unfortunately chains dominate the market down here but there are a few hidden gems to try. One is Red Ginger Asian Bistro. They have excellent pad thai. And it's two seconds from the stadium. Another one is called Arthur's Dockside in Stuart. It's a little expensive but the view is amazing and the food was great!

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          Again, this reply is not timely but I'm responding for the benefit of future searches. I used this thread in finding candidates for dinner in PSL last night, and for various reasons we ended up at Red Ginger Asian Bistro. I cannot recommend it, service was slow and very sloppy, food was okay but typical americanized, dumbed down for the masses "asian-style" food. A little bit japanese, a little bit thai, a little bit chinese, all thrown together ends up pretty bland and tasting the same. We had to ask for plates when we received our shared appetizer, and we had to ask for plates so we could share the mains (an no serving spoons were provided), beer glasses chipped and lipstick-stained and soapy.. Yeech! Go elsewhere.

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            I found Red Ginger decent but highly overpriced.

            I feel you're better off going to Spice Thai on Peacock if in the mood for Asian food.

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              Your about as far off base as you can get - Red Ginger Asian Bistro is one of THE BEST around and they have the following to prove it - I just CAN NOT believe that all of what you said is true - we have been going there for over 2 years now and have yet to have a bad expeience!! Oh, by the way, when I say WE I mean a group of us from PGA anywhere from 8 - 20 people that go no less than once a week.

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                well to each his own. All of what I said is true because it accurately reflects our experience there and our tastes. Maybe we went on an off night, but I assure you there are better dining experiences elsewhere.

          2. There's a great Vietnamese place just south of US1 and Tiffany (in a plaza with an Aaron's rent to own, Wendy's and a Goodwill). It's a hole in the wall but food is good.
            I haven't been but I've heard good things about a new Indian restaurant also on US1 (not sure of the cross street) called Curry and Merry. Both are in PSL
            In Jensen Beach, there's Peter's steakhouse, which has a Peter Luger style menu. The steak is terrific. In Rio, there's Ian's Tropical Grill, a seafood place with great food and ambience. Courtine's in Stuart is also terrific- continental.

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              I know this post is not timely but in the interest of serving future searches, note that Curry n' Merry is under new management , now called Taste of India. We had planned on trying it last night but when we arrived there was not a soul in the place, so we went elsewhere.

            2. You've received good information here....Head to Jensen Beach!!...Which is just minutes away....11 Maple Street in Jensen Beach is 4/5-star dining...and it's right next to Peter's Steakhouse which is also reliable but a bit pricey...Peter's does have a chopped salad that's to die for...CrawDaddy's serves relialbe cajun food and has live entertainment on weekends.....The New England Fish House isn't fancy but they own their own seafood market and they serve outstanding seafood and they have a Mahi Greek Salad that can't be beat ANYWHERE....PSL...generally speaking...and for whatever reason...doesn't have 'great' restaurants per se....That said....In PSL West....The Palm City Grill is very, very reliable....The West End Grill is also quite good.....In Stuart...we like the PrawnBroker.....Monkey King in Stuart (US1) is imaginitive....they serve excellent fish tacos....and they produce home-made beers that are tasty.....The Black Marlin in old, downtown Stuart has a limited menu but is very good as well.....


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                I've been to Monkey King and the menu is creative. But their nut crusted fish with berry sauce didn't work for me.

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                  I'm sorry the nut crusted fish with berry didn't work for you.....We've eaten there three times....and each time was quite good...not spectacular...just quite good....We liked the fish tacos quite a bit...They also had a combination plate that had a filet mignon...a nice piece of grouper...and a fish taco...with cuban dirty rice....and it worked out nicely....The rice was in dire need of salt & pepper but otherwise it was a tasty combination of flavors.....Maybe you go back and try something that's perhaps more 'vanilla'.....I'm not a beer drinker and even liked the beers.....We in Ft. Pierce...and it's a little bit of a hike down to the south end of Stuart....But we liked it....Just because that one dish didn't work for you...that doesn't mean they don't have something else that will.....Kind of not getting lucky on that first date.....


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                    I was just out in Florida and was pretty underwhelmed by my fish in almond crust with passion fruit sauce. Sounds like that might be a standard in Florida.

                2. I saw that Cafe Creme was recommended....We love this place for breakfast.....They have a great breakfast menu and every meal we've ever ordered has been delicious.....That said....you have to with time on your hands....They take their time making their delicious treats....and service can be iffy at times....But the food is very good.....


                  1. I'm not sure how Family Friendly you need, but we just were out there for Spring Training and went to a place called Archie's Sea Breeze on a Sunday afternoon and were loving it. It's in South Beach Port St. Lucie and is a big outdoor biker hang/ restaurant that was awesome. In full disclosure, it is for sure a biker bar, but most of the bikers were 60+ years old and were with their wives. There were lots of families and retirees there too, hanging out in the sun, eating shrimp and burgers and listening to the live music. There was nothing sordid about the whole thing, it was just a really cool old school Florida beach experience. We went after a Dodgers spring training game and it was just awesome. Prices were reasonable too.

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                      Archie's is a great place on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.....And it's plenty family friendly....Not many of those bikers are "real" bikers...Most of them are doctors..lawyers and indian chiefs....and out for a Sunday ride....They have great hamburgers there....the beach is across the street.....And this is the time of the year to go to Archie's.....


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                        Just to clarify- Archie's is in Fort Pierce, not Port St. Lucie, on A1A

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                          Archies is NOT Port Saint Lucie - it is Fort Pierce!!!

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                            good thing you cleared that up for the man 15 months after the original question.

                        2. You gotta try JC's daily bread on federal highway(RT 1) best breakfast, lunch, bread, coffee, pastry seriously it is not to be missed.

                          1. I enjoyed Dos Amigos in Stuart for Mexican...

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                              The thai place across from Dos Amigos- called Basil Garden Thai- is awesome, too, and family- friendly as well.

                              1. re: firelight1016

                                Thanks for the recommendation on Basil Garden...we will try that....Dos Amigos?...Been there....not my cup of tea.....We like the Pueblo Viejo in Ft. Pierce much, much better....And the folks that serve the food and cook the food are from Mexico......Tienen platos tipicos....

                                Will try JC's Daily bread....thanks surly chef......And for the record....Archie's isn't in Ft. Pierce either....it's actually on the north end of Hutchinson Island.....maybe technically Ft. Pierce....but not actually.....I live in White City....but my mailing address reads Ft. Pierce....


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                                  Pueblo Viejo is MUCH better Mexican food if you like Tex Mex. If you like "yankee" Mexican food, Dos Amigos is the place for you. :-)

                                  1. re: misplacedtexan

                                    I would say that's relatively accurate. Dos Amigos is an American's take on Mexican food. I've been there, it was good but from from great. Solid but far from spectacular. I would say that Pueblo Viejo is TexMex as most Mexicans that come to South Florida are via Texas. But they do have some traditional Mexican dishes there as well. They have one dish there (and the name escapes me). It's a stew full of chicken and beef and chilis. You get tortillas with it and you take the meat from the stew and put in the tortillas with rice and beans and anything else you'd like and that is an authentic Mexican meal.You wouldn't get a "bad" meal at either place.


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                                      I'm not thrilled with either place. Less authentic than the Pueblo Viejo chain I suppose, but very good (on most of the dishes I've tried, though I admit their guacamole wasn't excellent) is Zapata's Border Cafe on U.S. 1 between Port St. Lucie & Fort Pierce.

                                      I've read reviews of an authentic Mexican place called Adan's on PSL Blvd. across from City Hall, and have always wanted to stop and eat there, but couldn't find it the other night. I hope it was just my fatigue preventing me from searching effectively.

                                      Edit: oh, and I also quite enjoy Basil Garden Thai in Stuart. Though last time I was in there it smelled a little funny. I think it's a special place.

                                      1. re: JSA

                                        Yes, Zapata's is between PSL and FP. If you're not thrilled with Pueblo Viejo or Dos Amigos, don't waste your time, effort or gas to get to Zapata's. It's OK. Nothing special. Don't think they've heard of salt or pepper over there yet as food is big and filling but bland. I've eaten there four or five times (as it's very close to my home) and while it's not a chain restaurant it kind of has that feel about it. Dos Amigos and Pueblo Viejo in Ft. Pierce are clearly better.

                                        Still gotta get to Basil Barden Thai in Stuart. Heard 7 Orchids in Stuart is also a solid destination. Dresa in Stuart (US1 and Kanner) is very good. They have a 3 different asian disciplines and their sushi is solid. They used to be located in same area as Zapatas but relocated South to Stuart and we ate their frequently.


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                                          I have to agree that dos amigos and the other "mexican" restaurant by the Ale House on US 1 in Stuart are below par. if you like ameri-mexi food try Rancho Chico near Gold's Gym at Kanner and Monterey. it's the new kid in town and is by far the cleanest and most brightly lit of the three (nothing to hide?). for REAL mexican food, head over to Dixie Highway in Stuart. there are three or four real mexican places just south of Indian Street on Dixie. The taqueria facing the Shell station on the east side is excellent but VERY basic.
                                          i also agree about Basil Garden. the best in stuart. if you like Indian food try Taj Majal. they relocated about a year ago to US 1 just south of Indian St. by the Flashback Diner. Endira is a great host and the food is authentic according to my "foodie" friends from New York.
                                          p.s. i think Archie's is in Ft Pierce