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Mar 6, 2008 11:57 AM

What is Lionidas? One is opening in Century City

I'm just curious as I see that it's probably a chain. Thanks

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    1. It's Leonida's Chocolates. They sell chocolates from Belgium, and chocolate drinks.

      I love their vanilla cream chocolates and the caramel ones.

      1. high quality chocolates from Belgium.

        1. Add one more "It's chocolate from Belgium" response to the pile!

          Also, not sure if most are aware of this, but their chocolate is sold through franchises in the U.S.

 (main corporate site)

          Hence, some stores are better than others...

          1. thank you. i love my See's which is very close but will be very happy to try this.

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              comparing see's with leonidas is sort of like comparing tito's tacos with la serenata de garibaldi; each has it's following but if you truly love one type, it is not very likely that you'll truly love the other.. . .