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Mar 6, 2008 11:57 AM

Palm Springs - Azur or other high end with tasting menu?

Going to be in Palm Springs in mid-April for a few days and looking to find the best tasting menu available. Have read a bit about Azur at the La Quinta Resort but would appreciate some reviews and/or other suggestions for high end dining with a tasting menu. Thanks in advance!

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    1. re: Joe Colombo

      Thanks for the tip, will look into Blend.

      No reviews or input on Azur? Anywhere else?

      1. re: Joe Colombo

        Blend is closing. Belly up friends!

        1. re: s.jackson

          I heard it was re-opening... Or maybe it re-opened and it's closed again? If so, what a shame - one of the few very good restaurants in the desert.

          To the OP - I got good feedback on Azur awhile back, but never made it there - sorry!

          1. re: torta basilica

            Blend is closing for good...No money for a while.. Bad ownership decisions....Grapevine is too big around here... New Omri(Omri & Boni) place in the River.. Sounds like it's worth a try.

            1. re: s.jackson

              Can anyone confirm if Blend has closed? Leaving for Palm Springs tomorrow and was planning on dinner there, hopefully it is still open!

                1. re: Philly

                  I did call and leave a message but haven't heard back yet... figured someone hear would know the scoop though.

                  Since it appears Blend is out I need to change our plans... any other high end dining spots with a tasting menu in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert/La Quinta area? Have promised a friend we would check out a tasting menu while we were there so hopefully there is somewhere worth trying.

                2. re: Vise

                  Blend is closed and no longer in biz april 08

                3. re: s.jackson

                  I thought the original Omri & Boni was pretty awful, but hopefully, they'll make some changes. Blend WAS open last weekend, but I did hear that was the last - too bad. We shared an ahi app & the halibut at Cork Tree last weekend & were pretty impressed. Much more upscale than I expected in that space, with nice music & a very electric vibe. The place was packed. Good news, as this area of PD needs something more than Morton's... Now if they'd only put a decent coffee shop in that shopping center!

                  1. re: s.jackson

                    The new Omri (no more Boni) is in Palm Desert not at the River. It's called Omri Go Med He is back in his old location by Las Casuelas in PD. Haven't been but good luck.