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Mar 6, 2008 11:56 AM

Curing Salts in OC?

Beginning home curing projects are pending: bacon, pancetta & corned beef/pastrami.

Anyone know where I can find curing salt (6.25% nitrite/instacure/tinted cure mix) around OC? I know Surfas possibly has it, but whew that's a trek.
Is it possible that Bristol/Gelsons/Whole Foods might sell from their butcher counter?
I don't want the Morton's TenderQuick as that has added sugar to their proprietary mix.

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    They have everything you need. Great service. Excellent catalog. My one stop shop.


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    1. re: 918chef

      Yeah, I am aware of them, and actually has lower prices. I was hoping for local though so I can get some beef in the pickle/cure by Tuesday. I hate to pay $8 shipping for $6 worth of stuff.

      1. re: ErikaK

        I get Prague powder in the 50lb bags from Canton Foods in LA. They also separate it and sell them in 5lb bags. I don't know how much you need, but South Bay Abrams in Huntington Beach sells it in 10lb cartons.