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Mar 6, 2008 11:50 AM

Anyone tried Osso Bucco in Brampton?

I've heard that this Italian place in Brampton (on Bovaird, north of Hwy 10) is good - has anyone tried it?

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  1. Yep. I live in Brampton and between myself and variuous friends, we're there on a semi-regular basis. I've always found the food very good and very fresh, they always have a fairly expansive specials menu on the go and they seem to always offer more than your run of the mill Italian. Experience is casual to sportcoat and the prices are reasonable ($15+). One note, service can sometimes be spotty as they seem to cater to their true regulars and can fall off for newbies.
    The place is small, so make a reservation if planning to go Thursday - Saturday.

    I would recommend you give it a try and would be interested to hear your thoughts.

    1. I live in Brampton as well, the place has always been good except for the very last time I went. The mussels they served my mother were overly fishy and strong smelling, which would lead me to believe they were not very fresh at all.

      They were happy to accept it back though and obviously clear it from our bill..

      But other than that, it's always been a nice place to go. My Pops really enjoys their special rack of lamb.


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        Thanks for the inuput...ended up going somewhere else this time, but I'll definitely try it out sometime since I'm in Brampton often visiting family. I'll report back when I go :)

        1. re: sam_1

          I work in the area, never noticed it.
          I'll definitely give it a try in the next couple of weeks.