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Mar 6, 2008 11:50 AM

Best Delivery Pizza (allston/brighton/brookline)

NOT Upper Crust who's slices are fantastic but has no idea how to deliver a hot pizza (probably helped if they got their delivery person a car instead of that damn bike). Thin crust, thick crust, range of toppings... can you help me out here?!

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  1. Having lived in Coolidge Corner for several years, I am sad to report that the Upper Crust is the best of the worst for delivery in the area. Everything else is going to be your generic run of the mill Greek style pizza. I found Inbound Pizza (on the corner of Comm and Harvard) to be decent at times but, again, it is nothing but generic pizza that can be found anywhere.

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    1. Brookline Spa in Brookline Village makes a pretty good pizza and they deliver. The sandwiches are great as well. I work in the area and we order in quite often and have never been disappointed.

      Brookline Spa
      75 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02445

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      1. re: Matt H

        I love the Spa but haven't had good luck with their delivery (some nights when I called they told me they weren't delivering).

        T Anthony's is a great call. Forgot about that one. That is your best bet.

      2. Pino's in Cleveland Circle does a solid delivery on par with T. Anthony's.

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          As far as Cleveland Circle goes, I strongly prefer Presto's to Pino's. The crust is smokier and crisper and while I've never had it delivered, I've always had the impression that Presto's offers better service.

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            I was happy to read that the Presto's vs. Pino's debate is still alive and well. They are the Hatfields and McCoys of Pizza at Cleveland Circle, but both have enough supporters that they are both surviving just fine.

            Count me as officially in the Pino's camp (I'm a former CC resident) but as others have said, the overall quality of Pizza in Brookline/Allston/CC is embarrassingly low.

        2. Imperial in Brighton Center is really good Italian style pizza. Granted, their delivery driver will show up 20 minutes late smoking a butt, but the pizza is good and cheap. If you can possibly take-out from there, do it

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          1. re: bclarke25

            I'm sure the phrase "pizza pie" sound familiar to you.

          2. T. Anthony's, sadly, is the best of a very VERY bad lot, and even there, I recommend the subs over the pizza. You know how bad the delivery pizza is in this neighborhood? Since the Papa Gino's opened at the corner of North Beacon and Market Street, we've gotten most of our delivery pizzas from there. Yes, the pickings are just that slim.

            Although as Allstonian just said reading that, part of this is simply that we've come to the conclusion that even good pizza shouldn't be delivered. As convenient as it is, and as much a staple of delivery as pizza is, even the best pizza loses so much in the transit that if we want pizza, we're going out for it. And frankly, if we're going to the trouble of going out for pizza, we might as well just hop the B line and head out to Regina's in the North End.

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            1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

              You know, I've always had fantastic luck with Upper Crust's delivery. Always on time and always hot, and I order quite frequently. But I agree, it's hard to find good pizza in the area.