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Mar 6, 2008 11:49 AM

If you were moving out of NY, where would you eat?

So it looks like I'm leaving my beloved Brooklyn for my first stint at West Coast living. I've got about a month and a half left of good eating time here left and am eager to return to some old favorites (Yasuda, Russ & Daughters, Shake Shack) and to try some places I've been putting off for too long (Shopsin, El Quinto Pino, Inn LW12). I've posed this on the Outer Boroughs board as well, but in my situation, what places would you make sure to hit in Manhattan and what would you order? To make it fun, what would be your final NY meal before heading out of town?


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  1. Russ & Daughters or Barney Greengrass for unbelievable smoked fish.
    Carnegie Deli for a Woody Allen
    New Green Bo for soup dumplings
    Devi for Michelin-starred Indian food
    Stanton Social for sliders, soup dumplings, chicken n waffles, tacos
    Momofuku Ssam Bar for their take on bibimpbap, steam buns and brussel sprouts
    Pardo's for chicken and anticuchos
    Little Branch and Angel's Share for cocktails
    Myer's of Keswick for every pie they have on stock
    Alta just because

    1. blue ribbon bakery for pork rillettes, rack of lamb, and chocolate bread pudding.

      or an all uni and oyster omakase at yasuda followed by a chocolate malted shack at stand.

      1. Isn't LW12 closed or becoming more of a bar thing? Check that one out. There was something on eater that didn't sound so hot.
        try to walk in babbo at 11:00 after you've had drinks for pasta
        Momofuku for pork buns and brussel sprouts
        Dumpling house downtown for ridiculously awesome $1 pork and chive dumplings
        You've GOT to have some awesome pizza out in Brooklyn, right?
        Luger's or The Palm for old school steak?
        Dessert from Tasti D Lite just to be annoyed by the whole thing one last time
        Drinks at any Sasha Petrovski place
        Chowder at the counter at Grand Central Oyster Bar for lunch

        1. O.k., this is not a restaurant, so I hope I won't get in trouble for posting this here, but you asked and you're leaving the city!

          On a gorgeous day, get your favorite picnic food (sandwich etc) from your favorite place, and get on the Staten Island Ferry! Cheapest, (free) best, funnest (there is a bar on the boat after all) trip with a view. Be sure to stake out your place on the back end of the boat from Manhattan, and be sure to look up and down the rivers too. All those bridges.

          It's a memory to take out west with you. Years ago, I came back from London after six years in London on the QE 2. Seeing the Statue of Liberty made me cry, totally unexpected! If you take the ferry, I bet the statue will make you cry when you come back to us and great food in NYC.

          1. I would sadly say good bye to Franny's but would look forward to trying Mozza in LA.(If that is where you will be out in the West Coast)

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              In my opinion, Franny's is better than Mozza by a long mile.

              Sadly, I've been contemplating the same thing as the original poster. This is a helpful thread.

              I was thinking:

              Barney Greengrass (never been there, despite living here for 4 years)
              Adour (just to go to some Ducasse place)
              Ssam Bar (or hopefully the new Momofuku Ko)
              Peter Luger's
              Cocktails at PDT, Pegu and Death and Co.

              No Chinese since I'll be moving to So. Cal, and I believe the Chinese there is superior.

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                I'd go to River Cafe, you'll be in Brooklyn but you can look at the fabulous Manhattan view and feel bad about leaving!

                1. re: bronwen

                  I think this is something to consider. Your going to get fabulous food in California. Go to the places that are special to New York. I'd go to Top of the Tower at the Beekman Hotel maybe the Rainbow Room.

                  In general though once you get there you'll miss good apetizing, neopolitan style pizza foods from eastern Europe

                  When you get there you'll find out what Tai, Chinese, Vietnamese Cambodian etc food is supposed to taste like.

                  American food with fresh local ingredients is great in both places