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Mar 6, 2008 11:44 AM

Santa Maria Grocery Outlet bargains

while browsing the store in the OHS center on Broadway, I found these bargains:

Limited supply of Aidell's Mango and smoked chicken sausage/ roasted red pepper sausage $2.99 pkg.

Hershey's and Nestle's choc chips 12 oz bag $1.49

Pacific Nat'l Foods boxed organic crushed tomatoes 13.7 oz box $.99. Nice size for 2 portions of soup/sauce.

They have discontinued the imported butters sadly. Boxed Italian pastas in good supply. Producers milk products are a staple here. The choice in produce is improving, and quality is good. Cheese choice was down but good prices on bulk packs of random odd sized pieces. Sonoma and Colusa dairies.

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  1. Toodie Jane,

    CHeck out the 99Cent store for bargains as well. A couple of weeks ago they received a collection of Toblerone chocoloate for a $1 each. This is not a Toblerone bar but a cardboard container filled with 20 individually wrapped chocolates. Its a good idea to check it frequently as anyhting worthwhile is quickly sold out.

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    1. re: kaki3152

      I shop the Dollar Tree in AG for good buys on canned goods (jarred Turkish roasted red bells in water for $1). Which 99cent store in SM?