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Before moving out of NY, where would you eat?

So it looks like I'm leaving my beloved Brooklyn to take a stab at West Coast living. I've got about a month and a half left of good eating time here left and am eager to return to some old favorites (Sri, Spicy Mina, Yemen Cafe, Chestnut) and to try some places I've been putting off for far too long (Di Fara, Little Pepper, Al di la). I am going to pose this question on the Manhattan board as well, but in my situation, what places in the Outer Boroughs would you make sure to hit and what would you order? To make it fun, what would be your final NY meal before heading out of town?


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  1. Peter Luger's...just to see what all the fuss is about.

    1. You will definitely miss the good food here in NY. So sad you are going and we wish you well.

      My last meal would be at Cheburechnaya, 63rd Dr. in Rego Park. This is, IMO, the best Uzbeki kabob restaurant east of Uzbekistan. I would choose this cuisine over any other because I doubt you just can get good Uzbeki food in any other metropolitan area in the U.S. You can get good meals, maybe not as good as here, for just about all other cuisines. I would order two skewers of the grilled lamb fat as part of the meal. I usually order one, but for a farewell, I would splurge. Arteries be damned.

      1. Just to put a different spin on all of the responses you will receive. I am a fourth...fifth? generation New Yorker and I love its food diversity, I am a major foodie and I work in food policy in New York-- don't be sad about moving to the West Coast. That's where much of our food is grown and it will quickly taste much better to you than the food we are served here that sits on a truck for a week in order to get to us.

        I lived in California for 10 years, when I returned to New York I was told that I must go and eat in this four star restaurant and that one--they couldn't hold a candle to the simplest meals that I ate all up and down the West Coast.

        Have your last meals in New York, but look forward to all of the great ones you'll have on the West Coast. Eating LOCAL is the answer!

        1. Jerk chicken at Exquisite, Church Ave just west of Nostrand. Say yes to oxtail gravy on your rice an peas.

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            i always say yes to oxtail gravy...

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              Holy crap Guide Boy, I have never been there! I'm going!

            2. I have one more...Pio, Pio in Jackson Hts, the rotiserrie chicken & green sauce are amazing. I have friends who have moved out West and whenever they come back for a visit Pio Pio is always the spot they want to hit, followed closely by Sri.

              1. First I want to wish you good luck, I hope you enjoy the West Coast.

                The restaurants I would want to visit one more time in Brooklyn are Garden Cafe on Vanderbilt Avenue and Tempo on Fifth Avenue.
                When I saw your question on the Manhattan board, my first thought was that if I was moving I would want to eat one more time at per se and Eleven Madison Park.
                Definitely also Employees Only, what a fun place! Great drinks, great service and surprisingly good food.
                Also, Gramercy Tavern Bar has been one of my favorite places, especially for lunch, but also for dinner, for ages now.
                I also think that the suggestion about picnic on the Staten Island ferry and making sure you see both rivers and the bridges ... and the Verrazano bridge from the ferry, is a wonderful idea.
                I also second any idea about a restaurant with great Manhattan views.

                But mostly, I would just walk along all my favorite walking routes in Brooklyn and Manhattan, just breathing in New York and the vibes here.

                If you are going to live anywhere near Napa Valley, do visit our favorite restaurant anywhere: Bouchon in Yountville. If we lived anywhere close to it, we would eat there all the time. And when not there, we would eat at Ad Hoc - or this wonderful Tapas place in Napa, called Zuzu http://www.zuzunapa.com/.

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                  thanks foodwine. i will definitely check out those nappa recs when we get out there. i still can't believe i'm leaving, but at least it will be with a full belly...

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                    After revisits to Bouchon in Yountville this year, we sadly have had to change our minds about this restaurant.
                    This year Bouchon disappointed, on many levels. Therefore we do not feel like recommending it anymore. Compared to previous visits, it is like a totally different place; something -several things- were sorely missing.

                    I will try to write a longer comment (in a few days) on the SF Bay Area board.

                2. First of all, I wouldn't move (moot point). Where would you go? Food wise, nothing can compare in the USA, imo. This is actually my response to the question. There are far too many places that rank around here, I couldn't make up my mind. But in the spirit of trying, here is a partial list:

                  1. Al Di La
                  2. Lavagna
                  3. DiFara's pizza
                  4. Chola
                  5. Sripraphai

                  Looks like we agree on much of this. Happy eating and maybe reconsider the move.

                  1. Per Se. Just because it is the best in NYC.

                    next, Momofuku Ko.

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                      I'd tell blade to save the $$ for spending at The French Laundry, Per Se's big sister.

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                        We prefer per se over French Laundry.
                        Better service (truly, as someone said: almost "psychic"), better food (I actually had lamb that was sou tough I could not chew it at French Laundry)... immensely elegant.
                        I also prefer the calm, sleek and modern interior over the grandma cottage feel of French Laundry. But that was not the deciding factor.

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                          Well, they're all the same to me, because there's something in my upbringing that keeps me from from blowing half a grand on a meal that's going to share transportation back to nature with $1.50 tacos I had for lunch anyway. But I will admit Per Se has a transportation advantage over TFL, with the subway and cabs at the door; you don't have to drive 50 miles in a drunken stupor to get home.

                    2. NY style Pizza - off the top of my head I can only recommend Korner Pizza E3rd and Church, Brooklyn. Di Fara is worth the trip but is really is not NY style pizza.

                      Caribbean- Jerk chicken, Roti, ect. Various places check the board postings

                      Lard Bread from Mazzola's Bakery - Union&Clinton(?) Take a loaf on the plane.

                      Poor Freddy’s Rib Shack

                      New haven style Pizza - Take Metro North to New Haven. Sally's Pepe's or Modern
                      In NYC Nick's (Queens) and Laura's Kitchen (Brooklyn) have something close. While in NH try a steamed Burger too (if you have a car go to Ted's in Meriden).