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Coffee Shops in NoVA

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I was hoping to find a decent shop with good ambience. Somewhere to sit and talk for an hour or two.

- Eliot

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  1. I'm guess you are trying to avoid Starbucks then? What area are you looking for? Buzz in Alexandria is good, there are at least one non-chain coffee place in old town. There are several in Ashburn along side Waxpool as well...so it really just depends on where are you looking for.

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      Are you thinking of Mischa's in Old Town? Great place to sit and talk or read.

      1. re: Bob W

        Mischa's has good coffee, but it's also very pro-smoking--I've never stayed there longer than it takes to get some coffee without coming out reeking of smoke, which is why even though my home is literally a block away, I go to Buzz if I want non-chain coffee in Old Town.

      2. re: meimei

        Trying to avoid Starbucks. I work near Ashburn so something nearby would be perfect.

        Cheers, and thank you.

        - Eliot

        1. re: ewatts84

          HERE'S where I come in!! Bean Scene- great atmosphere- lots of original drinks and snacks to choose from. In the plaza with the Icehouse Hockey rink of of Farmwell.

          Cafe Rumi- amazing European pastries, fantasic coffee, delicous sandwiches and fresh baked goods. In the plaza with 5 guys off of Waxpool. Free cake with lunch- just mention Aphioni! :)

      3. Table Talk in Old Town. A short walk from King St. METRO.
        BTW, how do you tip when you tie up a table for 2 hours? I'm not being snyde - I really am curious about that.

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          That's a really good question. I often wonder that too! If I'm lurking around a coffee house for a few hours, I order a coffee and a pastry and then stick a few bucks in the tip jar. If it's a really busy day and the tables are all being occupied, I sometimes even order another coffee on my way out and tip another buck again.

        2. St. Elmo's in Del Ray is really nice and comfy. Definitely better than Mischa's IMHO.