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Mar 6, 2008 11:37 AM

Ethnic markets in Portland?

I officially give up on the chains after paying $3 for a wilted bunch of cilantro at Hannaford the other day. I'm new to Portland and enjoy experimenting with new places and ingredients. Any suggestions for places to shop? I'm somewhat close to Baxter Woods Park and relying on public transportation, so convenient to me is obviously a plus:)

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  1. You are within easy walking distance to the Asian market on Forest Ave, Haknuman Meanchey, directly next door (same building, same entrance) to Sengchai Thai.

    Rosemont Market isn't far either, on Brighton and Woodford. If it's local and available, you should be able to get it there. Also Pat's Meat Market, although I don't think cilantro from there would be any better than Hannaford's.

    BTW, Hannaford's in Portland has a pretty decent selection of "ethnic" groceries. When I lived in Portland, I used to buy choy sum, on choy, Thai eggplant, long beans, and other "Asian" greens there on a regular basis. Shaw's, however, blows.

    1. The Chinese Market on Congress.

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        ...more specifically, "Hong Kong Market" at 945 Congress St, across from the greyhound bus station near the corner of St John St.
        Their website:

        Last week I bought six baby bok choy ($1.50), a pack of about fifty thai bird chili ($1), a fresh bunch of long-stem cilantro ($1), two instant udon (69 cents each).

        Pretty good haul for five bucks. There is a million things in there, like frozen durian, but a great source for everyday asian products. Bag of szechuan peppercorn ran about $1.75 if I recall.

      2. There are almost 20 ethnic markets in Portland. Micucci's is great for Italian/Mediteranean food, Bogusha's for Polish and food stuffs from Central Europe, Several Asian markets and several Middle Eastern and East African markets are also in town. Here's a map that can give you a sense of where they're located so you can find the ones that are convenient for you to get to

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          Wow! Thanks, As a bumpkin from downeast, our time in the big city is limited, the map is invaluable.