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Mar 6, 2008 11:02 AM

Pizzeria Mozza - Menu Recommendations

Looking for menu recommendations (or non-recommendations) from anyone who's eaten there. What's good/ not great?

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  1. The pizza with the egg! and the one with the clams! It may sound strange, but trust me, they are delicious.

    1. My favorite thing on the menu is the mussels with salsa Calabrian. I also love the chicken liver bruschette, the egg and guanciale pizza, and the pizza with rapini and cherry tomatoes.

      1. Egg Gucinole Pizza, definitely. Also, the Garlic bread is good. I liked the white bean puree thingy and the chopped salad.

        Watch your wallet! Try and park on the street to avoid the rediculous Valet charge.

        1. LOVE the chop salad, caprese salad, pizza with long cooked broccoli, cauliflower side dish and butterscotch dessert.

          1. not a fan of the egg, guanciale, radicchio pizza. i found that the overuse of the radicchio and escarole made the pizza very bitter.

            i did enjoy the fennel sausage pizza and will second the butterscotch budino rec.