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Pizzeria Mozza - Menu Recommendations

Looking for menu recommendations (or non-recommendations) from anyone who's eaten there. What's good/ not great?

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  1. The pizza with the egg! and the one with the clams! It may sound strange, but trust me, they are delicious.

    1. My favorite thing on the menu is the mussels with salsa Calabrian. I also love the chicken liver bruschette, the egg and guanciale pizza, and the pizza with rapini and cherry tomatoes.

      1. Egg Gucinole Pizza, definitely. Also, the Garlic bread is good. I liked the white bean puree thingy and the chopped salad.

        Watch your wallet! Try and park on the street to avoid the rediculous Valet charge.

        1. LOVE the chop salad, caprese salad, pizza with long cooked broccoli, cauliflower side dish and butterscotch dessert.

          1. not a fan of the egg, guanciale, radicchio pizza. i found that the overuse of the radicchio and escarole made the pizza very bitter.

            i did enjoy the fennel sausage pizza and will second the butterscotch budino rec.

            1. I'm not particularly fond of the clam pizza. My personal favorite is the mushroom pizza. I also really like the meatball appetizer if they have it. The brussel sprouts are very good also.

              1. I just went again recently and have finally solidified my order...you can't go wrong with these items:

                Pizzas - Fennel Sausage and White Pizza
                Caprese Salad is to die for - do not care for the chopped salad. Too many onions.
                White bean bruchette is great, also the butternut squash and bacon while they still have it.
                Prusciutto is heavenly wrapped around those breadsticks.
                Don't cheat yourself and miss the butterscotch budino ~ my favorite dessert in town! Simply heavenly!

                I like to start with a glass of prosecco and then let the waiter choose a good wine depending on my mood that day.

                Have fun!

                1. Unfortunatly the squash blossoms are out of season right now, but keep that on the back burner for the next time, they're so light, crisp, and cheesy.

                  I was just there again last night. The White Pizza is amazing, the combination of the fontina and truffled cheese (name escaping me), with the fried sage leaves --just perfect. I'm also a big fan of their fennel sausage, I'd highly recommend that pizza as well. The chicken liver and the white bean bruscettas are fantastic. The aranchine (risotto balls with cheese) were tasty, but nothting special. For dessert --the Butterscotch Budino has to be one of the best desserts in LA, the liquid carmel and sea salt topping is over the top sensational. Enjoy!

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                    ooh, the white pizza sounds quite tasty!

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                      I'm not normally a "cheese only" pizza gal -- Their white pizza is to a Pizza Hut Cheese pizza, what the Mortons Burger is to a McCheeseBurger. So good, you'll need to be sitting down when you taste it. Enjoy!

                  2. don't forget to order the grilled bread with your appetizer!! YUMMMERS~

                    1. Since others have thrown their two cents in about non-pizza items; I recommend the fried squash blossoms & arancini (fried risotto balls) are great!

                      As for the pies, I recommend the goat cheese/bacon/leek and the fennel sausage ones. The mushroom one is not bad either (and a great choice for vegetarians)

                      And oh yea, the Butterscotch Budino is amazing!


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                        The fennel sausage pizza is my favourite of the 5-6 I've tried.
                        The meatballs appetizer is also wonderful.

                      2. I can't believe that so many people like this place. We thought it was one of the worst dining experiences we've had in a long time. We waited forever for our table, despite a reservation. The tables were so tightly packed that we felt like we were eating in airline coach. And the noise level was so loud, we wished we had brought our Bose headsets along. The food was ok, but everything elso so intolerable that we can't believe all the hype this place is getting.

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                          The couple times I've been there, weeknights only, it was packed, but we were seated right away (with reservation). But I will say, I would probably avoid this place on a Friday or Saturday night, if you're considering going. And you are right about the loud factor -- you can't go expecting to be able to carry on a conversation. Our's went something like this:

                          "You want a bite?"
                          "This is fantastic"
                          Rinse, Repeat...

                          It's is ridiculously loud. I think these are deal breakers for a lot of people. I should have added this to my comment, it can be exptreme. But if you're prepared for it, and don't let it get to you, the food is worth it.

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                            I'd recommend sitting at the bar if you're a party of two -- it doesn't seem as loud or it's just easier to hear when you're sitting side by side.

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                              We sat at the bar (where they make the pizza, not the drinks bar) and we could hear each other just fine, but if you have a group much larger than three people that probably wouldn't work. Highlights of the meal were the white pizza and the butterscotch budino, both were excellent, although I think the butterscotch pudding at Jar is even better than Pizzeria Mozza's butterscotch budino. I didn't really enjoy the squash blossoms, they were much more "deep-fried" than other versions I have had, just heavier, with less flavor of the blossoms themselves as well as the filling. I don't think I'd order those again.

                              1. re: Debbie W

                                Agree with Debbie W regarding the butterscotch pudding - much better at Jar. As to the fennel sausage pizza, the flavors do not meld as they seem like they are just placed near each other on top and the flavors are not a oneness.
                                And while squash blossoms are out of season, per another post, they are really only a blob of gooey cheese, but you can make that at home, sans blossoms, and taste the same thing. No blossom taste whatsoever.
                                Found the whole experience definitely not worth returning in light of all the negatives regarding seating proximity and cacaphony. Too much effort for too little reward.

                              2. re: whatsfordinner

                                To my way of thinking, if you really need to struggle to carry on a conversation, why bother? I can make great pizza at home and eat in comfort!

                            2. re: josephnl

                              I like the food, but not the hype, noise, wait or price.

                              I went once got frustrated at the wait, enjoyed the dishes, gasped at the bill, waited forever for the overpriced valet, and said, "good, but not worht all that"

                              but, if you want to go, wait and blow a wad, the food IS good. Just not worth all the $$ in my opinion.

                              But if you DID go, I still reccomend the Guaccinale (sp?) pizza and the garlic bread.

                              the budino I found just "meh" really.

                              1. re: josephnl

                                i agree. i was made to wait for my cramped table even though we had a reservation. i was completely unimpressed with their pizzas. the dough was tasteless. $3 for one grilled piece of bread that they cut in two. NOT worth it.

                                1. re: nd33x

                                  In response to Diana's repeated overpriced charge against Mozza: The pizzas are about $14 each. You can get a pizza each and split an appetizer or salad and be full and have eaten food that is truly great and made with top quality ingredients, which is hard to find at this price level.
                                  And why in the world would you complain about an overpriced valet when a) there is a sign that clearly states how much it costs and b) there is an abundance of street parking on both sides of highland?

                                  Lastly, in response to the fennel sausage pizza flavours not melding, please try it again and break the sausage into smaller pieces with your fork. You will have sausage in almost every bite and the oils from the sausage will also disperse nicely.

                                  I don't have any affiliation with Mozza.

                                  1. re: Wolfgang

                                    Agreed! The pizza prices at Mozza are pretty much exactly the same as Angeli's, and only a couple of bucks more than Antica Pizzeria in the Marina. I fail to understand how that constitutes being "overpriced".

                                    1. re: Wolfgang

                                      For those of you who haven;t been there, the $14 pizzas are not the favorite ones, and they are enough to be an appetizer for two, or perhaps a meal with a salad for one. The salad might cost you another $10-$16. A glass or carafe of wine will add more to that. These are small pizzas and not huge salads.

                                      $14 for an appetizer??? I can do better.

                                      There is not always an abundance of street parking, it depends upon what time of day yourgo, or you managed to get a reservation . Peak hours in that part of town does not offer a lot of street parking, as everyone is looking for street parking.

                                      Why should anyone have to manipulate pizza toppings to get a bit in every bite? It is odd, sometimes mozza is skimpy on toppings. Other people have reported the pizzas full of toppings. The inconsistency is troubling.

                                      There is TASTY food to be had at Mozza. There is good food to be had at a lot of places. I just personally found the good food at Mozza overpriced, the din unacceptable, the packed conditions uncomfortable and the hype overblown.

                                      1. re: Diana

                                        The pizzas are the same size as Angeli's, for the same price. Some of the salads are enormous, especially Nancy's Chopped which is easily enough for 4 as a side. Never had trouble finding street parking, and I eat at Mozza a couple of times a month at least (used to be more but competition is fierce in that area!)

                                        1. re: hrhboo

                                          I agree with hrhboo and Wolfgang. The majority of the pizzas on the menu are well within the $14 - $15 range (some are less) and the few that are around $17/18 have pricier ingredients (clams/shrimp/deluxe meats). I find their pizzas are quite filling and have always had leftovers for lunch the next day. I've also never received a pizza that wasn't bursting with toppings.

                                          The hub and I often split an appetizer (maybe two), each get a pizza, split dessert and leave so stuffed that we slip into food comas once we get home (with pizza doggie bags in hand). I also think they have a lot of very reasonably priced wines to choose from. I don't find the prices that high for what you get and have always been pleased with the quality of the food. My only complaint -- the hostess could be a little friendlier, but the waitstaff have always been warm and welcoming.

                                          Our faves so far: The chicken liver bruschette, the bianca pizza, the clam pizza, the mushroom pizza and the meat lovers, though we're still happily working our way through the list. :)

                                          1. re: hrhboo

                                            gotta agree on pricing and parking. although i do think p'mozza is overrated, the pricing is inline with other italian joints. a chopped salad and a pizza is more than enough to feed 2 people......so $30ish bux for 2. not too shabby

                                            parking is VERY easy to be had on highland day and night. you may need to walk 1.5 to 2 blocks, but i've never had a problem grabbing a spot on a sat afternoon or fri/sat night (when i go to o'mozza).

                                    2. Our favorites were the chopped salad, the caprese salad, the brussells sprouts, and the bruschetta. We liked the pizza too, but LOVED all of our starters and I think a bit full by the time the pizzas came. I had the meatlovers pizza (can't remember the name in Italian) and really liked it, though.

                                      1. Fennel sausage pizza, butterscotch budino, eggplant caponata, tricolore salad, dolcetto wines. This last recommendation is not for everyone, but I have loved the lardo pizza for its simplicity -- fat plus bread equals happiness.

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                                          The lardo pizza is my favorite too!

                                        2. Brussels sprouts
                                          Tricolore salad
                                          Chicken livers, capers, parsley & guanciale bruschette
                                          Gorgonzola dolce, fingerling potatoes, radicchio & rosemary pizza
                                          Butterscotch budino
                                          Olive oil gelatto

                                          Aaaah, just felt good typing that!

                                          1. Has anyone had the Pizza alla benno with speck, pineapple, jalapeno, mozzarella & tomato? It seems like these could either be really good or a total disaster.

                                            We went last week and totally love this place. We had the Tomato, mozzarella, sausage, salami, bacon & guanciale.

                                            1. We ate there earlier this week. Our favorite was the Margherita pizza. The flavors were sweet, simple, and concentrated...wonderful tomatoes, great fresh cheese, fresh basil and a good dough. The sausage pizza was too "meaty" for me with its meatballs of sausage.

                                              I also liked the marinated brussel sprouts in a strong vinegar-based dressing. The salted butterscotch budino is fabulous.

                                              1. Went there for the first time today. Street parking, no reservation, was told 35 minute wait, but got seats at the bar within 10 minutes. Of course, it was barely 5pm. The place was packed, but where we were sitting (near the entrance), the noise level was bearable.

                                                I had the bianco with bacon, and my friend had the bianco with fennel sausage. Both were excellent, although mine was very greasy. I didn't mind, but that might put some people off. I loved the fried sage. I wouldn't say the pizzas were loaded with meat (at least, mine wasn't), but it wasn't too sparse either.

                                                We split an appetizer of bone marrow - three marrow bones, two very large pieces of bread, roasted garlic in oil, sea salt, and Italian parsley salad. It was fantastic. For dessert, I had the butterscotch budino, and my friend had some gelato. Very tasty, all of it.

                                                No alcohol, just sparkling water and iced tea.

                                                With the meat, the pizzas wound up being something like $22 each. We each took half home. Total bill was $89 and some change, before tip. Yes, it's expensive, but we both had a great time and will be back. And you can get less expensive items than the bianco and bone marrow.