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Mar 6, 2008 10:56 AM

The Venue Tampa Bay

Just saw the multiple ads for this place in Creative Loafing. It appears to be where Stormin's Palace used to be in Feather Sound. Seems interesting. Has anyone been?

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  1. Went to the Venue Saturday. We sat at the bar of the tapas restaurant. The food was excellent there. The staff was friendly and they gave us a tour of the million dollar update. It has something for everyone. Live music, and a disco plus two restaurants. I can't wait to go back!!! Dress code enforced. No casual Florida attire here.

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      I agree 100 percent with your assessment. I went last week and this past Saturday with zero expectations and came away utterly blown away. The sushi was some of the best I've ever eaten (and I used to work in Japan) and the tapas was rich and soulful. Prices are reasonable, the venue is attractive and classy, the service excellent, and the people watching simply superb (especially on the weekends). I'd highly recommend it and will definitely be going back! Cheers ~ John.

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        I've not heard of this place. Where is Feather Sound??? better yet, do you have a web site or directions from St. Petes Beach?

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          Its off Ullmerton by the clearwater airport

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            From 1-275 SB (my direction as I drive to work from Tampa every morning) take the second exit after the bridge (ulmerton exit) and then continue on Ulmerton towards Largo. It will be before US-19 and the turn-off of Ulmerton to Roosevelt. I've been watching the construction transition and am excited to hear a good review about the new inside - sounds good!

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            sushi and tapas in the same place???

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              Yes!! Sushi and Tapas in the same place. Two entirely different restaurants as well. You can see it at their website at

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                Yeah! You can eat from a full menu in the tapas or sushi bar, or you can choose from a more limited (but still well-appointed) menu from the main bar or outside patio bar. GO! I can't wait to go back and have been raving about this place to my wife since I got home to South Florida!

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              I've passed that place a 100 times while doing food styling work over at HSN. I thought it was a yuppy club. I'll have to try it out.

              The Urban Eater

          3. What is the age it markets to or actually attracts. I know Storman's was college and teenagers but this seems like a more middle-aged place

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              It markets to the 25 and up crowd. There are no provisions for college or teen nights. Dress codes are also enforced. No Sandals, T's or hats inside for men. Outside deck bar is anything goes from a dress standpoint.
              This is NOT Stormans!! You will not recognize anything that was Stormans.

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                Sun, I think that's one of hte truly unique things about the Venue - it really caters to everyone, whether you're 21 or 51. The food stands on its own, and is in fact excellent. So, if you want a good meal, head over for that. If you want to sit on the patio, enjoy a cocktail (you can order from a limited sushi and tapas bar menu), you can do that. If you're into clubbing, I'm well past that age, you can enjoy a very classy venue that's well controlled (meaning safe), plus they serve food, I believe, until 1 a.m.. I went Sat night at 10 to eat sushi and just enjoyed people watching. Go, and you'll see what I mean!

                1. re: john_ftl

                  The mouth gave it a great review in the St Pete times today. I will be checking it out.