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Mar 6, 2008 10:44 AM

6 chefs 48 hours

6 chef's will be in New Orleans 3/8-3/10
We do a non stop eating and drinking tour.
We try to hit at least 18 restaurant in a 48 hour period (our record is 37)
It has been 12 years since any of us have been to your fair city.
I seek recommendations from white table cloth to dive bar.

Thank you in advance

Chef Todd

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  1. You should definetly hit up parasols for a french fries po- boy, have a doxen oysters at LUKE (new since May 2007), swing around to angelo brocatos for gelato.

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    1. re: localfoodie

      I will definitely check those out.

      Any good places for breakfast.

      1. re: twalline

        Brennan's, blue plate cafe, dante's kitchen, mother's all have good breakfast/brunch.

    2. At least 18 restaurants. If I were going to 18 different restaurants in NOLA, with regard to variety, I would choose (in no particular order):

      1. Casamentos for fried seafood & raw oysters
      2. Surrey's for breakfast
      3. Bluebird Cafe for breakfast
      4. Brigtsen's for new New Orleans
      5. Arnaud's for old New Orleans
      6. Ninja for sushi
      7. Luke for courtboullion
      8. Yo Mama's for burgers
      9. Angelo Brocato for italian dessert
      10. Le Crepe Nanou for french
      11. Cochon for cajun
      12. Big Al's for boiled seafood (crawfish, crab, shrimp)
      13. Vincent's for New Orleans Italian
      14. Domilise's for po-boys
      15. Liuzza's by the Track for yummy NO bar food
      16. Cafe Minh for vietnamese fusion
      17. Napoleon House for Pimm's Cups and Muffelatta's
      18. Camellia Grill for a greasy spoon, breakfast, lunch or dinner

      I may be leaving some better restaurants out, but I did that list in like 5 minutes.

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      1. re: cor

        Herbsaint, August, Brigtsen's for some of our best dining.
        Bozos for THE best oyster po boy (Metairie on 21st St.)
        Felix's or Pascal Manales for raw oysters at the bar.
        Irene's or Cafe Giovanni( feed me only) for NOLA Italian
        Mimis in the Marigny for drinks, late night tapas
        Liuzza by the Track for roast beef po boy with horseradish sauce
        Galatoires for old time Creole and quintessential New Orleans vibe
        Port O Call for burgers and beers/drinks
        Abita Amber on draft, our great local beer.
        K -jeans on Carrollton for really good crawfish
        Brocatos (a couple doors down from K-jeans) for gelato.
        Central Grocery for muff. (these travel well)
        Johnnys (FQ) for po boys

        1. re: cor

          Not a bad list, except for #6...Ninja certainly isn't anything you can't get in any decent sized city in the U.S.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            I don't eat sushi - but my boyfriend says it's the best!!

        2. Hmmm....only 18 places? ;)
          In no particular order, and a highly personal, idiosyncratic list:
          1. Casamento's for raw oysters & anything fried (in lard, baby)
          2. Mandina's, but peruse the website first to appreciate the level of devastation & strength of will needed to rebuild a family business & neighborhood institution
          3. Angelo Brocato's, cannoli & gelato from a 100-year-old family business and another great rebuilding story a short drive from Mandina's
          4. Parkway Bakery & Poboys, try the roast beef poboy
          5. MiLa, to see what those guys are doing in their latest venue downtown
          6. Rocky & Carlo's in Chalmette, for down-home creole italian, with a windshield tour of devastation along the way
          7. Willie Mae's Scotch House, to see how a multi-generation family is still plugging along and to see what volunteers & donations can accomplish in a rebuilding project
          8. Tan Dinh, for a taste of vietnamese; nice specials on the weekend. Or Pho Tau Bay for a bowl of pho and a bahn mi thit nuong.
          9. Cochon, esp since it's on Frank Bruni's latest "what's important" list
          10. Commander's Palace, as a legendary incubator of talent that still hits it right down the middle of the fairway, most days
          11. Tacos San Miguel, for a taste of the mexican flavors that will soon be adding another layer to our creole mix
          12. Emeril's; his flagship still turns out good food
          13. Luke, John Besh's french/alsatian brasserie
          14. Restaurant August, Besh's flagship place
          15. Camellia Grill (order anything except an omelet), for a great example of how a sense of place can make ordinary food taste better, somehow.
          16. A boiled seafood joint, whether Big Al's, Perino's or Sal's (westbank), 'cause it's crawfish season
          17. Sucre, our own local outpost of the fancy-dessert-and-chocolates trend
          18. La Divina gelateria, next door to Sucre, for the best gelato this side of Rome.

          1. Coop's for good food and spirits (jambalaya shouldn't be missed) (FQ)

            1. Delachaise is a great little bar with outstanding non-bar-type food. Open late. You might want to check out chef pete vasquez, formerly of Marisol, cooking at Bacchanal (a little wine shop) on Sunday nights. He could give you the scoop on where local chefs hang out, too.

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              1. re: JGrey

                I thought Pete left Bacchanal but still making terrines and selling them around town.

                1. re: Tonto

                  ? Could be. A friend of mine was going to the sunday night dinner there a few weeks ago, and I just assumed it was still Chef Pete. Now that I think about it, I haven't gotten any newsletters about it lately (they were put out by his wife).