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Mar 6, 2008 10:39 AM

Sunday Birthday Dinner?

We will be in New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival and my birthday, which falls on the Sunday.
I can use some suggestions for a magical birthday dinner restaurant. Bayona is closed as is K-Pauls.
We're staying in the French Quarter, so we'd like to keep it in that part of town (especially since we'll be "Festivalling" all day).


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  1. Most nicer restaurants are closed on Sundays. You can check out
    This will list a great number of restaurants in different areas. You can start your search from there and research your likes.

    If you are looking for high end meals, definitely try Stella! If it is open on Sunday.

    1. If they are open, I would strongly suggest Cafe Amelie. The weather is usually great that time of year, and Amelie has one of the very best courtyards in the Quarter. Although the setting is seductive, I find myself more and more impressed by the food. They are making some very good things there lately!

      1. Galatoire's. Remember to pack a jacket!

        1. The proper term is festing, or festering as I like to say. ;) I had a lovely dinner at Arnaud's recently. There's a Mardi Gras museum in there too. Don't miss the Shrimp Arnaud, Mushrooms Veronique and Cafe Brulot. Do not order the cornish hen. Mine was dry. Everyone says the seafood dishes are good. I should have ordered that.

          1. GW Fins (IMO best crab cakes in NOLA) or the Rib Room.