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Mar 6, 2008 10:27 AM

Top Int'l Food Mags

A few days ago, I posted a message asking for international food magazine recommendations to add to my already growing magazine addiction. Anyway, I thought it might be informative to share these recommendations with anyone interested. If you have any other suggestions, please add them. (list is in no particular order).

Thanks for all the feedback! (kuiper).

1. Donna Hay (aus.)
2. Olive (UK)
3. Waitrose (UK)
4. Vogue Entertaining & Travel (aus.)
5. Elle a Table (Fr.)
6. Gambero Rosso
7. Australian Gourmet Traveler
8. Dish (NZ)
9. Delicious (aus.)

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  1. Der Feinschmecker (German). Good coverage of food and wine (not just German food and wine, by the way). I've only ever seen this in Germany, so I'm not sure how easy it would be to get.

    I do occasionally pick up Donna Hay, Olive or Delicious at Borders (and I'm in the midwest)--Donna Hay is consistently good and interesting, Olive is a little hit or miss, and Delicious is sort of in between them; the food photography in Donna Hay is top notch.

    1. My favorite Japanese food magazines are
      DANCYU (ダンチュウ)
      Otonano Shumatsu (おとなの週末)
      Sarai (サライ, transliterated Serai on their cover)
      Shokuraku (食楽, transliterated Syokuraku on their cover)
      _ates (アテス)

      These all fall under the food/restaurant/lifestyle/travel area, rather than the cooking magazine sections. I get these in Japanese bookstores here in the US, mostly between NY and LA.

      1. am really surprised to see so many aussie mags, as chow tends to be more US-centric. i totally agree with Dish and Aus Gourmet Traveller.

        Delicious was very good when it first came out, it has lost a bit of it's lustre nowadays - bad 'celeb' contributors, among other things. is still a good mag tho, compared to silly things like that mag from safeway (the supermarket)

        Donna Hay is good, but her styling, however beautiful, and genre of food get a bit boring after a while - i wouldn't buy every issue.

        Olive is a bit bland and the slow to pick up trends sometimes.

        Other good ones I've come across are Aust Gourmet Traveller Wine (more wine than food, obviously) and Gourmet (US)