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Mar 6, 2008 10:06 AM

Egg Whites

Okay, so I just became a member of CHOW - I am so excited it's like when I first discovered myspace.:) But better because it's "for those who love to eat." I love to eat, but only new and exciting yummy things-Not just anything I can get my hands on. HELLO

Anyway, I just heard that along with red meat, pork and shellfish - egg yolks cause free redicals that can cause cancer. Not that I am so paranoid about getting cancer, I just like to keep a healthy diet as much as I can. So, after hearing this, I was thinking I need to cut some of the egg yolks out.

How the fricken frack do I do that? I make scambled or poached eggs for me and my hubby on weekends or crepes sometimes. My wonderful husband just got me a culinary torch so I have been on a creme brulee kick(which takes egg yolks only). Once in a while I have an egg salad sandwich. And many baking recipes take eggs. Blah.
So how can I still make and eat yummy things with just egg whites? or I guess no eggs at all? What are your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert recipes w/ egg whites or w/o eggs alltogether. Taking egg yolks out of eggs is like taking "f" out of fun.
Thanks!!! :)

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  1. Not exactly sure what you are looking for, but it is not a big deal to make omelettes without the yolks, many kids much prefer the whites of boiled eggs to the yolks, another easy to separate trick.
    For some kinds of baking the yolks are fairly optional -- a lot of time they just adding some fat/richness. I have experimented with various cakes/quick breads with mostly acceptable results. Easy way to cut calories.

    You can't make a decent mayonnaise or hollandaise with out eggs, though I think there are "diet" cook books that try to foist off some substitutes. The unique emulsifying properties of egg yolks have no other natural substitute. I suppose a "molecular gastronomist" could mix up some lectin powder and guar gum that might give some of texture, but it wouldn't have the flavor. (And if you are doing this for fear of "cancer causing free radicals" I don't even want guess what sort of chemical plants such powders are processed in...)

    Deserts are another area where the substistutes are woefully lacking -- instead of Zabaglione yolk free just have a nice sorbet...

    1. Before cutting egg yolks from your diet, I'd suggest checking your information sources. I have never heard that egg yolks cause free radicals. As a matter of fact, a quick google search led me to several webpages that list egg yolks as an antioxidant:

      In anycase, eating healthily can only be achieved by maintaining a balanced diet and not by cutting out anything entirely. Most food play important roles in our diet and balance is extremely important.

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        Actually it is fine to have a yolk from the egg, just make one part whole egg to two parts egg white.
        As for a great breakfast, I mix egg whites, tofu and jalapeno (or other type) of cheese with some pepper and it is great.

          1. re: cremebrulee

            I love angel food cake. No yolks, just egg whites, sugar, flour, salt, flavorings/extracts, chocolate if you're in the mood. Yummy! I'm sure there are many recipes on this board that will inspire you. Happy baking!